Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fur Balls

 Some sweet new friends.


This month, last year's kitten  became a mother.

My children have waited long for this day. We have had a problem getting a cat to live long enough to produce off-spring. The day they discovered kittens was a red-letter day.

These four kitten are being well-loved.

Any of you locals want a sweet little kitten? It will be a few weeks before they are ready to leave their mother but if they take after their mother, they will make a great family pet.


  1. What sweet photos! My husband found kittens belonging to a stray cat at our home last year. We kept one as a pet and he is quite the character. : )


  2. Love the pictures! Kittens were something there was always plenty of when I was a child! Dressing them in doll clothes is quite entertaining :) There's just nothing like having a cuddly little ball of fur fall asleep in your lap!

  3. Do you ship to Massachusetts? :-) My six-year-old daughter would just love a kitten! Well, I'm sure there are more local kitties available if we decide to do it!

    When I first opened your blog and saw the title "fur balls" before I saw the pictures, I thought maybe you're talking about dust bunnies and housecleaning! These are cuter and more appealing!

    - Mary Beth Martin

  4. So very sweet. I love kittens. We have three cats.
    Have a Good Friday !!

  5. That is so doesn't look like giving up those kittens will be easy to do:)

  6. that's the cutest thing ever, little ones with kittens, my grand daughters wait every year for the little babies to come,,,,,,,,,,,,om-goodness, those kitten get spoiled terrifically,,,,,,,love all the sweet pictures,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wish i had time to post stuff, but work keeps me away,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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