Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Random look at life from our house.

February has been a month of snow, snow, and more snow. Not a great amount but enough here and there to give an almost constant ground cover - which is rare in our area.


An ice storm added beauty but cut our power for a couple hours. Since our marriage, I never remember losing our power, but this month we were out twice for a few hours each time. The children thought it was great fun and were disappointed when it came back on. They wanted to practice being pioneers and cook our food in the fireplace.

The children have loved this winter and the snow.

And (most of the time) I have enjoyed the excuse to just stay home with my children. Though I will admit that the last week has been rough. One of those times that I'd be glad to hand in my resignation, but I don't know anyone who wants my job. So I'm forced to stay. And wait for spring.

And there are lots of perks to this job.


Maybe I just need to take some time to count blessings.


Like this little one who continues to give us lots of enjoyment. 


Saturday mornings with snow falling, fire crackling, and Daddy and baby studying for a sermon.

Evenings spent creating masterpieces. Here we tried our hand at copying Van Gogh's sunflowers.

 Painting our own summer!


Our little girlie continues to sleep, eat, and grow. 

If any of you are looking for a great swaddle blanket - I'm loving this one called the Miracle Blanket. I saw a friend's last summer and loved it. It is rather high price for a piece of cloth but I found two for a great discount on ebay. And they have been so worth it! She has been sleeping so well.  To use, first you put the baby's feet in the pocket.

Then fold in the one wing to hold down their arm.

 Then fold in the second side.

 Fold in the outer wing.
And use the extra long wing to wrap twice around baby to hold it all together. Rarely does she get her arms wiggled out of this wrap. And there is no velcro to stick to laundry. Love my Miracle Blanket.

A few years behind...but I finally joined Pinterest with the goal of finding order in all my bookmarked sites. If you want to check out what I'm pinning, follow me here.

And speaking of blessings...we were able to visit with a missionary that works with a leprosy mission. How I take for granted health and home when so many people in the world have lost not only their health but also their families. The above video will show you some of the amazing people that are showing God's love to these forgotten people.

(If you are reading this by email or in a feed reader, you may need to click over to the blog to see the video.)

Yes, even in the midst of cabin fever and the February blues...I am blessed.


  1. Oh my yes, you are certainly blessed! What a beautiful family! And I am quite impressed with the Van Gogh flowers! Well...even Jesus got tired, and took breaks so I guess we can give ourselves a little room to sigh!
    I work with mentally ill and drug addicted homeless people, and I am so touched to see how God never forgets any one of them,
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my yes, you are definitely blessed beyond measure, but I also remember what it was like to have a home full of children and being snowed in for endless days when they were small. I know those feelings are fleeting and you love every moment with your little ones. The flowers are impressive. Very creative and beautiful.

  3. You have some really lovely photos of your family. When my children were young, digital cameras had not been invented and therefore we have very few photos of them because our budget did not run to developing many rolls of film. Please treasure those photos : )

  4. Your title "Popcorn" grabbed my interest 'cause on the way in to work this morning NHPR did a small clip on "ancient popcorn" found which was hundreds of years old, but still could be popped. They explained how popcorn pops. I found it quite interesting you can listen to it here...
    Might be interesting for the kiddos too.
    Stay snuggled and warm... winter's not quite over yet, though I've been seed shopping already.

  5. Your family and your mothering are such an inspiration. My little ones are long grown up and I miss that goes by so fast. I enjoy reading your family stories so much!


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