Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Four Vital Questions

Another guest post from yet another Regena. Have you noticed how many writer friends I have with a name some form of Regina/Regena? Just for the record - I'm just plain Gina!

Four Vital Questions
By Regena Weaver

I have a two year old.

It's not the first time I've had one of this particularly delightful species
underfoot. But, perhaps because it took him longer to grow his vocabulary
than it did his three older siblings, I'm marveling again at the surprising
amount a loquacious toddler reveals about himself and life from his

It can also reveal a lot about the toddler's mother. The four favorite
questions that get fired at me multiple times a day can speak volumes
about who I truly am when I seriously consider them.

Where are you, Mommy?
Am I available when my children need me? Or am I engrossed in my
efforts to stroke everything off the current to-do list? Where am I in my
spiritual life?

What you doin'?
Are the things that occupy my time what I want my children to imitate? Are
their conclusions on what is most important to me, based on what they see
me prioritize, what I say is my main focus?

What you talkin' 'bout?
What about my speech? Are my words such that my ears wouldn't redden
to have my children repeat them in public? There is a record being kept.
(Matt. 12:36)

What are my motives? What is the driving force behind my daily decisions?
Am I doing things for God's glory, or is the high regard of my friends my
greatest motivator?

How I honestly answer these questions in my own mind will be a pretty
accurate thermometer of who I really am.

What would they reveal about you?

Regena and her husband of nearly ten years call a 6 acre property in rural eastern Ontario their home. It's a perfect place to raise vegetables . . . and children. She has no claim to fame other than being a daughter of the heavenly King.


  1. Great post! What a great reminder for all of us moms. Thank you!

  2. Very good, very succinct post.

    We have several Reginas in our family. But do you pronounce yours
    Ruh-GEEN-uh or Re-GEE-nah? We do the latter.

  3. I say Re-GEE-nah - but I don't know what the normal pronunciation is in Canada.

  4. We're not in Canada. We follow the German pronunciation on our names. But I notice some non German pronouncing Regina like Virginia, with the yuh sound on the end.


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