Friday, February 21, 2014

Flo's Cakes - Finnish Coffee Cake

A hot drink and one of Flo's fresh-from-the-oven coffee cakes is perfect for these cold winter days. This one is simple but yummy!

Finnish Coffee Cake

1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 cup oil or melted shortening
1 cup buttermilk
2 cups flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder

Cinnamon Sugar Mixture:
1 tsp cinnamon
4 TBSP sugar

Cream sugar, eggs, oil, and buttermilk. Add dry ingredients and mix well. Pour half of batter into greased 9x13 pan. Sprinkle half of cinnamon and sugar mixture. Add remaining batter and sprinkle with the rest of the cinnamon and sugar mixture. Bake at 325˚ for 20-25 minutes. Mix glaze of 1 cup powdered sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, and a little boiling water to make thin consistency. While cake is hot, poke holes with a fork and drizzle with glaze.


  1. Now.. this is interesting. The recipe I have for Finnish Coffee Cake does not take eggs. (it could be a misprint/typo?) - but I have the recipe out of The Joy of Sharing (Bald Eagle Wilderness Boys Camp) cookbook. A similar recipe called English Coffee Cake does have eggs... I think that one is from the Simply Wonderful cookbook.

    ** Curious, if you're familiar with either of those books.

    But - my point is... the recipe with no eggs for Finnish Coffee Cake is SO MOIST... and it gets better and better the longer it sits around... if you can imagine that?

    Ha! I just noticed the photo here on your side bar, Gina, of the Alleghany Boy's Camp. My sister works for the one in Bald Eagle (Mill Hall) as the Head Cook.. she talks quite a bit about Alleghany.

    What is your connection to the camp(s).. if you don't mind me asking?

    1. I'm familiar with both cookbooks - but own neither of them. Interesting how you've found compared similar recipes.

      And how funny that you have connections to these camps too! My husband is on the board of the Alleghany Boy's Camp. He said that I should put a link on my blog for those that may not be familiar with it.

    2. Thanks for getting back. Yeah! that is funny... small world as they say. You/he (your husband) might know my sister by the name Miss Gladys. :)

      Her and I are always back and forth with recipes, etc. And as far as that eggless Finnish recipe - it's a great one for when I'm either low or out of eggs and need something baked around the house. And well... now you'll have to get yourself one of those Camp Cookbooks -as we call them - and have Miss Gladys mark it up - as to which ones are a "must try". My book is so loved and tattered... it was one of the best gifts ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      May God bless your day..

    3. I don't know your sister in person - but I've seen her face in photos! My brother just left this week to join the staff at the Ohio Boy's Camp. So my connections to this type of ministry is growing!

      And if you saw my cookbook collection you would say that I have not need of another cookbook!

  2. I just had a similar experience this week! I was enjoying having my 3 yr old grandson for a few days, and needed to run some errands. I had just buckled him into his carseat, put my purse on the front seat, and my keys on the console between the front seats. I shut the back door and reached to open the front door. It was locked! I had that same feeling of panic. I tried to pantomine to Owen my problem. I think he understood, and I motioned to him to open his seat buckles. He worked and worked, but couldn't get them open. He couldn't reach the keys, either, as his shoulder straps were so tight. Thankfully, I was at Country Breeze, not along a road, and at a place with helpful staff. They loaned me a portable phone, as mine was locked in the car, and I was able to connect with Joel at work. He thought there was a spare key under the car, but wasn't sure. At least he knew that if there was a key, it was under the back, not the front. The front of my car was against a large snowbank, but the back was open. So, off went my coat, and under the car I went. I had given up finding anything, and hung up the phone, to wait for Joel to come from work. I thought I'd check once more, and I found it!! The nice man from the store came out just then, and opened the very tight box for me. I was able to get word to Joel NOT to come after all, and was able to resume my day. I was so thankful for many things- that Owen was not too worried, and that it ended well. BUT- I will never put my keys in the car again before I am in it!

  3. Made this for dessert tonight. YUMMY!!! My husband said it was better than any he has ever gotten at those fancy coffee shops. Thanks so much. This one is definitely going into my "go to recipes".

  4. I made this recipe this morning and the kids, my husband, his parents, and I ALL loved it! My husband put his fork down and said, "That recipe is definitely a keeper!" Thanks!

  5. in 36 hours I have made 2 of these cakes. they were eaten by the wolf pack and everyone loved it. Thanks so much


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