Monday, July 25, 2011

Finishing Touch

Whew! We are finally to those little odds and ends jobs on this addition! I know that several of you have mentioned how fast it has went. Funny that it seems like a long time to me! Though I know if we wouldn't have had so much help from friends and family  - we would be working on it till next July!

When "normal" women think of building a new room, they imagine paint colors and furniture arrangements. I visualized the landscape! Guess that tells you I'd rather be outside. Or that I'm rather inept at interior design.

Last fall, I had moved all the perennials from the back of our house, in hopes that we would be able to build this addition this spring. The plants have resided (amongst the weeds) in the vegetable garden.

Over the years, I have tried to have a shade garden with hosta and other perennials under these trees. But the pressure from all those tree roots were too much. The plants always dried up in the summer. So this time, we mulched most of the area under the trees. I saved three smaller areas for planting beds.

This is a case of "do what I say, not do as I do". Perennials should be moved in the spring or fall, not in the middle of a summer drought on the hottest week of the year when the temperatures rise to over 100 degrees. I was over eager and moved perennials into the beds. The perennials are voicing their complaint by wilting every afternoon. The hose is handy and I've been trying to keep them well watered in hopes that they don't completely croak.

The other project this week was to finish the porch posts. Ed made a form for the concrete topper for the porch posts.

He used mortar to attach the concrete topper. I love how finished the porch looks  now.

Ed's spare time through out the week was spent weeding and mulching around trees and various areas around the yard. We haven't mulched for several years, so it badly needed done. Hopefully mowing will be a little easier now.

The yard still isn't ship-shape but it was hugely improved. Just in time for the summer event that we anticipate each year.

You can guess or wait until later in the week for photos!

In the midst of this sweltering week, it was fun to look back and see how far we've come since March - and hope the snow pics would cool us down!

Just a little above the mudroom window and the steps up to the walk, and we can call the outside completely finished.


  1. Yay! It looks simply beautiful! Now, all your readers are invited over for a housewarming party, right? ;)

  2. It's really just amazing how much work you guys put in, and how nice it looks. Good job!

  3. In a word, LOVELY! : )

    I would agree with the "fast," but I understand how living in it daily seems longer.

    I hope your plants survive!

  4. Thanks! And I love Moon Rani's idea of a housewarming party! Will you all come?


  5. Ed is so clever...what a wonderful blessing Gina! I wanna come to your house warming party too lol!

  6. It looks fabulous! I can't believe all the work (and skill) your husband put into all the brick! I, too, love how the porch posts look.

    With the large shade trees, light post, plants, and picnic table, it looks like a park at your place! Just right for hosting all your readers :-) *wink*

  7. Everything looks fantastic! You guys did a great job, and a big HOORAY for family work-parties! It was so nice seeing you and your kids yesterday, and all the other families. I can't wait until the school year when we see each other once a month!


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