Monday, May 9, 2011

Stamping and Such

For the last two weeks, Ed has spent his spare time laying bricks. Unfortunately, he hasn't had much spare time. The evenings that we have been home, he has rushed out to lay brick as soon as he arrived home from work, grabbing a bite to eat while the mortar dried. It always gets dark before he is ready. But slowly, the chimney is rising higher!

On Thursday, my brother's crew came to prepare for concrete. They laid out the forms for the sidewalk.

The soffet and rain gutters would put up.

The dry wall was started.


On Friday, Ed stayed home from work to help pour concrete.

We had a beautiful rain-free day, perfect for concrete work.

After pouring the concrete, they sprinkled a dye color over it and troweled the color into the top layer.

Then they sprinkled on a powder dye that was also a mold release.

The mold or skin was "stamped" into the concrete to form a random stone-like design.

My brothers have been doing this kind of concrete stamping for several years but I've never seen them in action. It was fun to actually observe how they do it.


  1. Oh My Gina It is really coming along . Bet you are excited! Love the picture of the children looking on.

  2. Are the dyes and the mold-inhibitors normal parts of concrete laying? Do you have trouble with mold at the back of the house? What color are the dyes?

  3. Thanks Gina for sharing pics of your house progress. Sherwin really enjoys seeing your brothers' nice work. Thanks again:)

  4. Hi Gina,
    It is amazing how quickly your addition is being built!

  5. Naptime Seamstress-
    The mold I was referring to was the stamp or pattern kind of mold not green fuzzy stuff! The powder kept the mold from sticking to the concrete after they pounded in the pattern.

    They dye is only necessary if you want your concrete to be a different color than the normal gray. Ours is a brown kind of stone look. You have to come over and see it!

  6. it's all looking great! are you going to get to make some new flowerbeds around the back of the house now?!?!?

  7. dear gina,
    it looks great!!!!!
    blessings regina

  8. I enjoy watching the room that love is builting as it progresses step by step. I bet there is a lot of homeschooling lessons going on with watching it being built and the kids not even knowing that they are learning. You must be very proud of your family and husband for doing all that work. Concrete = less mud, yeah. ♥

  9. It looks so nice. I know you are anxious to be finished and using the new room.

  10. Bek -
    Of course, you know me well!

  11. Gina,

    It just gets better and better!

    It is looking wonderful!


  12. Lookin' good, Gina. This will add quite a bit of living space to your home. How exciting!

  13. We plan to have your brothers stamp our back patio when we finally have money for such a big project! I love the stone look, but from what we hear, the stamped concrete is easier, better in the long run, and can look just like stone. Sounds like a winner!

  14. really neat - never heard of concrete stamping. It's so cool to see the progression!


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