Saturday, May 28, 2011

Question - Mud Room

Life has been a little crazy here. We actually had some rain free days this week. When I wasn't painting, there was always garden work. Blogging hasn't been high on the list but I wanted to jump in quick and ask for some advice. Maybe later today, I can write one of the posts that is rattling around my head.

I'd love to have some ideas on how to make the best use of our new mud room. It is small (just over 6 foot by 5 foot) - a glorified closet really.

A door opens up to the porch, hopefully the direction the children come in to drop their shoes here.

In the other direction, you see the steps down to the basement to my laundry area and the doorway into the dining area and our new "big room". And a shoe pile already in progress!

On the must list is:
Lots of hooks, both high and low
Shelves for containers of gloves, hats, etc.
A place for balls, bike helmets, etc.
A bench to sit and pull off shoes
Shelves for shoes and boots

If you have any suggestions, photos for inspiration, even good websites with ideas, please share.  I don't normally visit interior design/decorating sites since it usually just promotes discontent in my lack of decorating ability. But now I wish I had some good sources of inspiration.



  1. For our mudroom, I am planning to hopefully have a bench that opens up...inside you can store balls, bats, gloves etc. That is a nice way to get true function out of less space! :)

  2. Gina you guys have been busy! Here's a site that will give you lots of inspiration

  3. Here's the correct link

  4. Gina, here's a couple ones that I have in my "inspiration folder" for when I have a mudroom someday :)
    Hopefully they give you some ideas! Good luck!

  5. Love the idea of a mudroom :)
    Hooks can also hold baskets or even tote bags for gloves, hats, scarves. When the girls were younger I had a peg board with a totes with each girls name on it to store these items...very handy for grabbing stuff before running out the door and then just stored the whole bag during the warm months. Also had a storage bench for bulky items and extra shoes, or a bench with a shelf underneath works too.

  6. I want to second Anna White's site, Knock Off Wood. She offers free plans to build stylish and functional furniture. She designs her plans to be easy as she encourages women to build. She has at least a few pieces for entryway/ mud rooms.

  7. I scored a bench with 8 cubbies beneath that you can put shoes into or slide baskets in to corral mittens, etc. We still have to purge the thing regularly, but a shiny wooden bench looks so tidy compared to the piles of shoes and shoe racks lining the entry. More cubbies mounted on the will might be nice too!

  8. I can't wait to see pictures when it's done! I'm no good at designing, so sorry -- no suggestions. =) I wish I could pay someone to come in and design/decorate stuff for me! I try really hard NOT to look in Better Homes and Gardens and such, because I always get a BAD case of envy.

  9. I agree w/ Sarah. I have printed most all the directions for projects from the ana-white site. You might think of locker type cubbies. Hooks, & baskets under the seats...Easily painted or fabric changed.


  10. Put the hooks low enough so the children can hang their own coats!!! That was my biggest pet peeve in the winter. children think that since they can't reach the hooks, they can just drop them on the floor! Silly children!

    I also like having a table or basket - something to keep car keys in and put the out-going mail. If the table's too big, it ends up being a catch-all, though.

  11. I have a friend who has 6 children. In her mudroom each child has their own space. Each space has a couple of hooks on the bottom for jackets and a couple above for hats/scarves, one plastic milk carton upside down for a seat and one right side up for storage. It is very tidy looking. And each child knows where their belongings are. Even the 2 yr old.

  12. Here is a link to a porch that was redone but was also their mudroom. I found it very inspiring.

    This is my first time to visit your blog. I was googling Mint Tea and you had just the recipe I was looking for!

  13. I would have a bench along the wall with cubbies for each of the kids and a hook above at a good height for them to hang coats@

  14. Wow, lots of neat ideas,Ladies. I picked up one or two myself.

  15. Love all your suggestions and ideas, ladies! I'm checking out your links and having fun sketching out ideas! Thanks so much!

  16. I found this link (we call them cloakrooms).

    I like the storage for shoes with space for bags and rain boots below a seat. I find shoe boxes just make a bit mess and you're spending frantic minutes trying to find the other shoe!
    Also I think a good tip would be to make a seat cushion out of water proof material to easily wipe off dirt, and to keep nice looks trays at the bottom of some of the shoe holes to catch the mud/water from rainy day shoes.

  17. Check out this link, she has compiled tons of photos of mudrooms. So many good deas!


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