Monday, May 30, 2011

The Path of the Paintbrush

It is Monday morning, time for another house addition update. I can't believe anyone reads these posts. And I LOVE all your ideas for organizing our mud room. I can't wait to get out the sketch paper and start drawing out some plans!

I'm not going to go through a day by day "this is what we did when" this week. The general layout of the week was, get the children down for their nap in the afternoon and paint. Put the children to bed at night, and paint. I always said I was a night person and it was fun to work with Ed, but staying up late every night (and getting up early every morning) wasn't fun by the fourth day. By Thursday night when we put on the last coat of paint, I was ready for a celebration - but chose to just fall into bed.

But all the wall painting is finished. Next is the trim, and more painting!

After long stewing about paint colors, here is the final choices. It is hard to get a photo that truly shows the real color.

Our kitchen is a deep chocolate brown. We chose one shade lighter for the "big room" with white wainscoating.

The dining room has no windows and I was scared to paint it that dark, so it is one shade lighter yet.

When you stand at one end of the room, you see three shades of brown-tan. Maybe that is weird, but I like it.

The mud room is green. I think it is too dark, but we had this paint left over from another project and just decided to use it. I wish I would have dumped in some leftover white paint to lighten it up. But with white trim and coats hanging, it might not be bad.

On Saturday Ed spent the day working on the chimney. Our five year old hauled bricks to him, moving a stack one at a time from one board to the next until they were high enough. He took a good nap after all that work!

Now it is Monday morning and Ed is already back to brick laying. We had an early start on the morning even if it is a holiday since we slept out in the tent with the children last night. The girls woke us before 6:00 with shouts of "there is a huge turtle outside our tent." Sure enough a very large turtle was digging in our garden. Large turtles usually are snapping turtles but I ran to the house for the reptile guide for positive identification. Snapping turtles are hated (among other things) for eating baby ducks.

Too bad there is no photographic evidence. I'm sure you'd love to see four pajama clad children gathered around watching me try to lure a big turtle to bite a stick and extend his neck so that Ed could decimate his head with his huge ax. We told the children we'd have snapping turtle soup for breakfast over the fire. They preferred eggs and sausage.


  1. It is looking so amazing!

    How fun that you camped out in your backyard and cooked breakfast over a campfire!


  2. Your painting looks very nice!! Enjoyed the story about the snapping turtle.

  3. I love how your 5yo was able to help with the bricks ~ that fireplace will be extra special to him!

  4. I like the 3 different colors. Looks very nice. I'm sure you will enjoy the new space. The mud room looks nice also.

    I rememeber camping at my uncle and aunts house in a tent. Thanks for the memories.


  5. Your colours make me think of chocolate: Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate and creamy milk chocolate! I have the middle one in our family room and it is such a nice warm colour. FMx

  6. Oh goodness! The story at the end made me laugh so hard this morning! I can picture it happening with our boys as well ... what a way to start your day!

  7. Everything looks wonderful! So warm and inviting! I do wish you had pictures of your battle with the snapping turtle though :0)

  8. I am so glad you got brave and painted the new room the tan. It is warm and compliments the brick in the fireplace very nicely. I love the view (from in front of the fireplace, I am assuming) to the dining room and to the kitchen. What a LOT of space. This is going to be SO useful in daily life and when practicing hospitality!!! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to seeing each step of progress. (How will you utilitze the old living room?)

  9. I am liking your colours as well. Not sure i would like a brown kitchen as I enjoy bright kitchens but with enough lighting it works. Your room looks huge.

  10. I love the browns! So far, nothing in my house is brown, and that's what color I was planning on painting my dining room when it's re-done. Hmm. I'm going to look like a copy cat, with wainscoating and all...

    Sounds like quite the adventure with the snapping turtle! Yeah, a picture would have been fun, but you wouldn't want to get in trouble with animal people or anything. =)

  11. Foster mummy -
    I love the chocolate idea! Sounds yummy!

    Hopefully it will turn into our library. I would love to have our books all in one place. The children will probably use it for a play room.

    Ruth -
    Imitation is the best compliment, they say. I'll look forward to seeing what you decide for your room!


  12. The fireplace is really beautiful! What a great room.

  13. I know you think the mud room looks too dark but I can just picture it with a few photos gracing the walls. Photos of flowers. Something bright and light. Just a thought!


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