Monday, January 24, 2011

Bread Baking - Shaping Rolls

Later this week, I want to share a favorite roll recipe, but first I thought I'd share how to shape rolls. There is a multitude of ways to form rolls. Here are my three favorite ways.

1. Roll and Cut

If I have many rolls to make I usually roll out the dough and cut with a biscuit cutter. I find this method to be fast and results in rolls that are similar in size. I have numerous cutters so can choose the desired size whether it be a sandwich roll or dinner roll. Before I owned any cutters, I just used a floured glass cup or empty tin can.

2. Hand Shaped

If I don't feel like getting the rolling pin out and clearing a spot on the counter, I just pull off a blob of dough and roll it into a ball. Can't get much simpler!

3. Crescent Rolls

A special way to make dinner rolls that looks far more difficult then it is! Roll dough into a circle. Cut the circle into eight or ten wedges. I use my pizza cutter. Starting at the wide end, roll the wedge up, and place on baking sheet. To make these rolls even more special, before cutting into wedges, brush dough with butter, sprinkle on nuts, or whatever you prefer. The options are endless!
What is your favorite way to shape rolls?


  1. I like to do the pinching off or clover leaf style for something a little different.

  2. Yum! Beautiful rolls! Can't wait for your recipe. :-)

  3. oooh...I must try those crescent rolls...I useually do the pinch/roll method...or just cut into squares.

  4. I typically shape by hand, because I don't have a lot of cutters I like! But, those crescents are beautiful and I can't wait to try that.

  5. yummo!! I love making knots and then wrapping the edges over so it makes a circular shape, once risen and baked they look lovely!!

  6. Well my bread roll making life was very boring up until now! I just hand rolled.
    Are you cutting after 1 or two risings? I stick my ingredients in the machine for a mix and rise then beat down by hand, shape and rise again.
    What do you do?

  7. Suzi - I do the same as you, shape the rolls after the first rise and allow to rise again before baking.


  8. They are adorable! I wish we had some guests or kids or teenagers around to consume more bread, I rarely bake these days, just Phil and I, and we don't eat that much bread, it's almost a weekend thing now.

    but it's ok, I definitely bake vicariously through you ;-)


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