Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Favorite Winter Picture Books

If you walk into our house, you will get the impression we like books. Nearly every room in our house contains a bookshelf, or two. But very rarely do we buy a book at full price. Most of our books have come from used book sales or Paperback Swap.

To me, a large book sale is like turning a child loose in a candy store. I love the searching through boxes of musty books looking for treasures to take home. But I've talked to others who are completely overwhelmed at a book sale. How do you ever find what you want? Especially when there is a crowd of other people also looking for books.

I wish knew more about books, but slowly, over the years, I've become familiar with titles and authors that I like. Sometimes I pick up a book that just looks good. At book sale prices I can pitch it, or swap it, if I don't like it. I have also spent a lot of time browsing book recommended book lists to become familiar with the titles and authors that others like.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to share some of my favorite children's books. Hopefully it can be helpful to some mothers (or grandmothers) as you shop for books or even look for good books at the library. There is lots of truly awful children's literature out there. You may not totally agree with my idea of a "good" book but maybe it will introduce you to something you wouldn't find yourself.

Today I'll share some of our favorite winter picture books. Last year the shelf for children's picture books was overflowing so I put all the snowy winter books away for a few months. I promised the children that I would get them out at the first snowflakes.  I forgot about the promise, but they certainly didn't. The children so enjoyed seeing these books after a few months of absence that I'm thinking of putting more of our books away on a rotational basis. (I may have just admitted that we have too many books!)

I'm including the links to Amazon so that you can learn more about the book. If you make a purchase through these links, I will get a small percentage. But really I don't care about the money. I'd rather you get these books at a used book sale or Paperback Swap if possible!

Favorite Winter Picture Books

Katy and the Big Snow Book & CD
Katy and the Big Snow by Virgina Lee Burton - always a favorite with my boys!

Sadie and the Snowman
Sadie and the Snowman by Allen Morgan

Annie and the Wild Animals
Annie and the Wild Animals by Jan Brett - also enjoy The Mitten, The Hat, The Gingerbread Baby, and others by the same author. Love her illustrations!

Akiak: A Tale From the Iditarod
Akiak by Robert J Blake - story of the Iditarod dog sled race in Alaska

The Big Snow
The Big Snow by Berta and Elmer Hader - a snowy nature classic

The Mitten Tree
The Mitten Tree by Candace Christiansen - a sweet story of the joy of giving in secret.

Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and the Yellow Sled
Snipp, Snapp and Snurr and the Yellow Sled by Maj Lindman - I loved these books as a child as well as the companion series Flicka Ricka, and Dicka. Working cheerfully and sharing generously is the theme of this one.

First Snow
First Snow by Kim Lewis - I'm a sucker for lovely illustrations of the agrarian life.

Marven of the Great North Woods
Marven of the Great North Woods by Lasky - true story of a city boy in a logging camp one hundred years ago.

What winter books have you enjoyed with your children?


  1. Thanks for sharing these. i was looking for winter books for my little ones at the library yesterday and was having a hard time. I'll try to find these.

  2. We like "Winter Barn" by Dorothy Ripley. It is s sweet simple story.

  3. We own Katy and the big snow. Our copy is around 40 or more years old! It was my sister and I's as children :-) I have added the others you listed to my list of books to read. So the next trip to the library, we will give them a whirl. thanks for sharing.

  4. I always think of _White Snow Bright Snow_ just because I like the title ;-)

    My 'baby' is almost 9yo, so I'd have to go look at the shelf to see if we have others. We do have a couple of the Jan Brett's and _Katy_ =) But I think we've spent more time with Mike Mulligan.

    _A Turkey for Thanksgiving_ is a great fave, even if it's past the Thanksgiving holiday. The author's last name starts with a "B" - She has lots of books, some I love, others are unwelcome.

    _Farmer Boy_ and _The Long Winter_ don't count as picture books, but they are great wintertime stories to read aloud.

    Books. I could ramble all day =)

  5. Dream Snow by Eric Carle. I think C likes it so much because of the button on the last page that makes a tinkly sound play.
    That's the only winter book I could come up with on our shelves! I confess to not being much of a seasons-type reader and therefore, I guess I don't select those books - even for the girls.

  6. I'm like you...a kid in a candy store at a used book sale. We have a basket in our living room that I rotate seasonal/holiday books in. I keep them tucked away so it is always fun for my kids to have new books in the basket. A "must-have" winter book is Stranger in the Woods by Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick. The story includes photos of real animals that are charming. Our two newest books are Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner and One Snowy Night by M. Christina Butler. Two great books for little ones. I'm excited to read your posts on books!

  7. Ahh! Books-what a favorite topic of mine. I am also constantly picking up books at thrift stores, yard sales, and the like. I am looking forward to your book posts to see what my kids and I have been missing. :)BTW, is it silly to wish your child older than he is simply so you can read him a favorite story of your own? I can't wait to read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books to my children. Sherilyn

  8. I love hearing from fellow book lovers! I'll be looking for some of the books you all mentioned!

    Sherilyn - I was just like you a few years ago! I couldn't wait to read the Little House books to my children! But now my oldest is six, we've read through all the Little House books - and tons more besides! The time will be here for you sooner then you realize!

  9. We love -
    * Katy and the Big Snow by Virginia Lee Burton
    * The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
    * The Day Daddy Stayed Home by Ethel Kessler
    * Owl Moon by Jane Yolen
    * The Big Snow by Berta and Elmer Hader
    * Winter at Long Pond by William T. George
    * The Mitten by Jan Brett
    * Winter Days in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder
    * The Mitten by Alvin Tresselt
    * The Snowman Storybook by Raymond Briggs
    * Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost, ill by Susan Jeffers
    * White Snow Bright Snow by Alvin Tresselt
    * Snow is Falling by Franklyn Branley
    * The Mitten Tree by Candace Christiansen


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