Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year!

As one who loves new goals, schedules, and planners - a new year is a glorious thing! All those blank empty days full of promise that this year I WILL be organized, cook creative healthy meals, complete all the projects I've ever started, and never get impatient with the children!

Since I'm doomed to fail in those endeavors before the first day of January is over, maybe I'd better find more realistic goals. Yes?

I've actually been thinking a lot about goal setting. As much as I love a good "to do" list and probably wouldn't accomplish anything at all without one, they do have their failings. (For all those of you who have some idea that I'm naturally is false. Anyone who is naturally organized would not have to work at it as hard as I. I'm an impulsive, easily distracted, scatterbrain. Take my word for it. Or ask my mom.)

Um, where was I. Oh! "To do" lists. In the past few months I have been increasingly frustrated. Every single day ends in discouragement because "I got nothing done". Sure I've did laundry, meals, and diapers. I have even occasionally cleaned. But all that other stuff, the things I really want to do but never find time for, at the end of the day, that is all I can think of.

For the past few years, a faded yellow card has hung above my sink. It reads "If all you accomplish today is caring for your children, you have done what is important. You have invested in eternity." I know it is true but somehow, when I look at a whole day, it seems that I should find time for a few other things too!

I think the real issue (don't worry, I'm not a deep thinker) is the way I evaluate my success. "You accomplished lots of things today, good Gina!" What a horrible mindset. Wherever do I get the idea that God's approval and my success is based on what I do -for Him, for my family, or anyone else!

Like I said, this has been brewing around my head for months. Despite knowing I've been prone to some bad thinking, I haven't been able to shake it. So I'm laying it all out to you dear readers, just for the sake of some accountability.

I love my planner. I will continue to write out weekly menus and "to do" lists. I am still making goals for the new year. (Without a vision the people perish.) But I am changing my measure of success.

A good day, a successful day for 2010, and every other year, is a day when others see Jesus in me.

"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples if ye love one another."

Care to join me?

Read a good article that resonated with me at Heart of the Matter here.


  1. Thank you so much for this encouragement and challenge!

  2. You are hitting the nail on the head!! :) (Now you can check that off your list!!!)

  3. Oh, I can totally relate to this struggle...finding my meaning by what I accomplish.

    And I'll join's something I've been working at growing in the last couple of months.


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