Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baker Creek and Berlin Seeds

You may be a garden fanatic....

If seed catalogs have you acting like a little boy in a candy store. (I'll take one of this. And one of this. And one of everything!)

If the arrival of a large packet from the seed company has you doing a happy dance on the kitchen floor.

I love imagining all the potential in several dollars worth of seeds. I drool over every seed catalog that comes in the mail but have two favorite companies.
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds specializes in rare and heirloom seeds. They search throughout the world to find unusual vegetable plants. Reading their plant descriptions make me want to become a full time vegetable gardener with several acres to fill! Their website is very easy to use. I placed an order last week and it was at my house a couple days later.

Another favorite seed catalog is Berlin Seeds. They offer a wide variety of vegetables for reasonable prices. But I like their catalog for all the additional information they share. Wonder what kind of bug is eating your beans, or why your squash suddenly wilted, or what the spots are on your strawberries? This catalog describes, with photos, common garden problems and organic and conventional methods to avoid the problems.

Berlin Seeds is located in Amish country in Ohio and does not have a website or email address. But I've had good service through their phone number 1-877-464-0892. Call and ask for their free catalog.

I am in no way connected with either of these two companies. Just wanted to share, in case, you too are a garden fanatic who enjoys reading free garden catalogs!


  1. I love both these seed companies. Another good one to use is Southern Seed Exchange

  2. Gotta love seed catalogues!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and asking for information on toad houses. You'll find a lot of info on them if you google "homemade toad houses children". I found it usually takes a little playing around to find the toad house that will work for your garden. For example, my toads seem to like dirt and dead leaves for flooring. Roofs- they wouldn't come if the roof was stone, they liked old board roofs. So if you don't attract them at first, a few slight adjustments might make all the difference. Some people have had terrific results using old clay flowerpots (the kids can decorate them). Just make sure that the toad houses are in the shade and you can keep them damp. Kids love to do that and I found it was great for 'teachable moments' on how useful toads are in the garden, the toads' life cycle. Whatever type of toadhouses you make, make sure they don't have any sharp edges.
    I hope this helps and may you garden be full of toads and children's laughter [and the occasional fruit or veggie:)].

  3. Like you I get excited when the seed catalogs start coming. I have not seen these two companies but will be getting their catalogs, they sound very good. I have been looking into using more of the heirloom seeds so anxious to check them out.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. Those are two of our favorite seed companies, too! We live in Missouri near Baker Creek, and we really enjoy going to their Spring Planting Festival, also. They have so many informative gardening workshops and demonstrations. My husband likes to plant a lot of the unusual heirloom varieties, just for fun. :)

  5. Berlin seeds is where we got our seeds from this year, We live in Ohio, and frequent the Berlin area. I unfortunately started my seeds to early...they peaked and died. :( so I have learned and will be ready for next year. They do have a very nice catalog, and their service is quick. Last year I ordered garlic to plant. It was sent in a timely fashion for planting in the fall for my area. The garlic is very tall, and harvest time is coming near...We had alot of rain, and then sun, they just popped. :)


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