Saturday, November 7, 2009

Baking Day!

I have found it a real time saver to bake more then one thing at a time. Rarely do I make up only one recipe. While I have the oven on and the mixer dirty, I usually keep baking! I rarely have only one pan baking in the oven. I can usually think of something that I can slide alongside, even if it is just some baked potatoes!

I'm not at all organized about it like MoneySavingMom. I just start baking and see how far I get without any real plan. A lot can depend on the other day's events, children, etc. Maybe a plan would help me have even better use of time. I also don't have any real schedule of how often I bake. When I have the time, desire, and need to bake - I just do it!

I have done almost no baking recently since we were so blessed with food over the funeral. Earlier this week I cooked up several pumpkins. Yesterday I looked at the large bowl of pumpkin puree and decided it was time to use it up! It turned into a real pumpkin baking day!
And the result...
pumpkin muffins
pumpkin torte
pumpkin pie
pumpkin cheesecake
chocolate chip pumpkin bars

I know that looks like a LOT of dessert! We are not eating it all ourselves! The muffins we had for breakfast, the bars went in the freezer, the torte and cheesecake are going to a family reunion on Sunday. That left the pie which we enjoyed for supper! Usually when I bake, I make changes to make a recipe more healthful, adding whole wheat flour and eliminating some of the sugar. But this time, I was making recipes, as is, with all the high fat, high sugar ingredients that make these recipes ones we look forward to at special occasions! I also mixed up a batch of bread to put in the fridge to bake tomorrow.

The pile of dishes looked rather daunting but when I remembered that I could have had a pile of dishes five different days - the pile didn't appear bad at all!

Any of you have regular baking/freeze ahead days? Do you have any tips?

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