Monday, November 9, 2009

Turkey Time- Almost Here

Edited from 2008

Thanksgiving turkeys are one of my favorite frugal finds. A little prior planning this month provides us with some cheap eating for months!

About this time each year, I start looking for good Thanksgiving grocery sales, especially on turkey. I usually try to buy three or four turkeys at the best price possible. Last year I bought five turkeys at around 33 cents a pound!

A large turkey can be cheaper and have more meat then several chickens. I try to buy the largest I can find. Birds over twenty pounds will have a greater meat to bone ratio. After roasting the bird, I freeze the meat in meal sized portions. I figure one large turkey can feed my family for about twelve meals. If I've paid less then $10.00 for the turkey, it is an unbeatable deal for poultry!

I try to do a little planning ahead in order to take advantage of the turkey deals. Usually stores require you to buy a minimum (usually $30 or $40) to take advantage of their turkey deals.I plan to do as little of grocery shopping as possible in the weeks before Thanksgiving. I'm trying to just live off our pantry so that I have a long list to use when I stock up on turkey. It is a good time to stock up on the other items that our also on sale at Thanksgiving.

If you live local, please share the best prices you have found for turkey. I've found that Walmart is the worse place to buy turkey at Thanksgiving because they never have sales. I've had the best success at Weiss and Food Lion. Some places will match competitors prices, but I haven't found that method worth it. Somehow they always seem to find a loop hole!

I know that to some, a 20 pound turkey can look rather daunting! So many readers have shared their success with the slow cook method I shared last year. So in future weeks, I plan to repost my mom's easy method for roasting a turkey. Since a huge turkey is only a good deal if you eat it, I'll also share some of our favorite ways to eat leftover turkey.


  1. Great post...I am looking and witing for the broth to go on sale also...I love cooking my veggies in broth instead of just taste so much better. Even if I have can veggies I do that and the taste really doesn't taste like a can veggie.

    Look forward to seeing some of the turkey recipes so i can do this...I never thought about buying those now but I will be on the lookout for them.

  2. Don't give up on Walmart yet... They had their turkeys on sale for .40 a lb. last week. I have no idea how long the sale is/was on for, just happened to be there at the right time I guess. They were not Butterball, just the average brand, though. Not sure if that matters to your family or not.
    I too, like to buy a few turkeys while they are cheap and use all year long. You never know when the turkey craving will hit. :)
    Have a great week!

  3. I like to also look for good deals on turkey this time of year. Always looking for new ways to use left over turkey! Have been enjoying your sight.

  4. Last week Walmart had turkeys on sale for 40 cents per pound but they never had any in stock. Finally, Saturday morning (7 am) I went and demanded a rain check. The manager WAS there and laughed at me saying such low prices they couldn't give rain checks. He offered to go look and FOUND two in the back. I promptly took both of them and wondered how many others he would be able to find if customers approached him. The games Walmart plays! I don't like shopping there.



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