Friday, July 10, 2009

You might be a book addict if....

Your husband brings home a bookcase - and you can't imagine anything sweeter! I would take a bookcase before roses and dinner out! And I fully admit I have a hopeless book addiction!

Ed found this bookshelf on Craig's List. It is not fancy but it is large and sturdy! Works for me! We set it up in the dining room. If you've been to our house, you know that the dining room is the only room of our house (besides bathrooms) that did not already contain a bookshelf -or two!
Bookshelves containing photos and "accents" were unknown at our house before this bookcase arrived. Our many bookshelves were stuffed to capacity. It is nice to have room to "spread out"! Since it is a few steps from our kitchen, I even placed some dry pantry items in blue glass jars on the shelves. While I setting up this new shelf, I took the opportunity to organize all our books. It was fun to have the option of placing books together by topic instead of just "where they fit"!

Organizing books is like a reunion! I love visiting old friends! The worst part is that I found numerous books that I'd really like to reread and a more that I've never read yet. Since I already have four books started at the present time, I really should not begin any new ones! I added a few more books to my Paperback Swap list. Empty shelves mean that we can get more books, right? I visited a yard sale last week and brought home a new (to me) stack of books. Also, through Swagbucks, we've earned $30 worth of Amazon gift cards, which I'm eagerly anticipating using! There is no way that a lifetime contains enough time to read all the books I wish - but I can have fun trying!


  1. Wow, great find. Your bookcase looks wonderful.

  2. Your new bookshelf unit is awesome! I like the additional decorating items you've added, too!
    I love to read and get most of my books at our local library, where I find nearly any book I'm after.
    The ones that I like to keep around for reference are usually purchased through Amazon. But I rarely buy a book.
    Right now I have about a dozen novels and 6-8 recipe/home decor/gardening books close by.
    I also have the Home Comforts book - isn't that a great book! Now, I did purchase that one!

  3. We must be sisters. Bookcases do that to me too. :)

    Nice bookcase~!!

  4. I can certainly appreciate your joy at getting the new bookshelf. Books can certainly bring a smile. Enjoy!

  5. I'm with you! I LOVE books and would take bookshelves over roses any day too. They look great!

  6. Hello - your website was recommended by my bloggy friend Mrs. Doug ... and I've enjoyed perusing your blog. You have LOVELY little ones!! What a blessing ... and the BOOKSHELVES - oh my!!! LOVELY!!!!
    We have quite a "few" bookcases ourselves:

  7. Loved your post. That bookshelf is vey identical to ours that was built into our house and I love it! Your love of books sounds very familiar - there's just not enough time to read them all!! Want to check into the Paperswap idea, never did that before.


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