Saturday, April 18, 2009

An Update from Our Homestead!

Today, Ed is out in the back of our property planting some more trees and mowing a trail through the mass of honeysuckle! Now I will no longer have a excuse for not taking a walk! I thought it was time to step in and give a little update on life at our place!
Our chicks, which are now six weeks old and half grown chickens, are enjoying their outdoor run on sunny days! I so love watching them scratch in the dirt!
Every summer my dad brings over a steer or heifer to keep the grass in our pasture mowed down. The children named this one Seven!
The greens in our hoop house are growing well! We now have broccoli, onions, kale, spinach and several kinds of lettuce. In the garden, the peas and onions are growing and I just found the first tiny spears of asparagus!
And our little daughter grows more endearing every day! With no cooking, cleaning or laundry to do this week (thanks to help from husband, sisters, and friends) I felt like all I did was "play baby"! Besides getting little sleep at night, it has been a very good week!


  1. Your garden will be brimming with goodies!!
    Our asparagas (sp?) is up and I'm excited to eat it, as this is the first year we can pick it. And the sugar peas (snow peas) are up, too!

    And baby B is adorable. Aren't they so nice at that stage? And the 6 month stage, and the year old stage, etc., etc. The more children I have, the more I like babies!!! But, I also "can't wait" until they're old enough to do fun things like sew and have book discussions with me!! *L* I guess the moral of life is that life itself is to be enjoyed and each stage is as good and as bad as the next!

  2. Hi Gina.....
    Thanks for the update....looks like everyone and everything are doing good at your house. You look wonderful and rested...are you sure you had a baby....just kidding. So good to see your picture and beautiful smile too!
    Hugs, Carolyn

  3. Thanks for the pictures. The children seem to be enjoying the new baby......Happy mothering.



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