Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Sling

I have been enjoying this baby sling. It was super easy to make, folds up small to fit in the diaper bag and makes walks in the park easier! I have a regular baby carrier but never liked it. I just felt hugely pregnant with a bad back when I wore it - though Ed really liked using the carrier. I think it just didn't fit me right but this sling is perfect. I doubt I'll use it long. I can't imagine carrying a toddler in this sling though there are many different ways to wear the sling. I don't think my back could handle much more weight! But for now I am enjoying it!

I used the pattern found here, and also found some good information at this site.


  1. I'm a slinger, too!! I was looking for one for baby #2 and they were soooo expensive ($45+) that I found directions somewhere and my mom made me two. Mine have rings and I used them mostly with H (#2) because she was colicky - and I used it with her up till she was about 15 months old! So handy for yard sales. I was just thinking that after baby #4 I'm going to hate to sell my favorite sling at my big yard sale (about two years from now!! *L*) because I just LOVED it!

  2. I'm now a grandma, and am so glad I've kept my sling (made for my last baby, who is now 13...). I carried my youngest in it until he was older than 2 - using it to help keep him on my hip; and use it still to carry the grands - up to about 2 or 3. It has come in handy carrying fussy toddlers, who won't sleep.

    Naptime Seamstress - don't sell your sling - someday you will have grands, and will use it again!

  3. Gina, if you would pardon me for asking off topic, could you please share what pattern you use for your dress? I assume you sew your own since you sew for your girls. It is so hard to find modest clothes around here. Thanks, Liz

  4. Liz Beth -
    I do sew my own dresses but have sort of made up my own pattern by combining patterns. Sorry I can't be of much help. I know how hard it is to find good patterns. Do you sew?

  5. Some, yes. Looks like I'm going to have to do the same thing. I like simple dresses and long skirts.

  6. that is a sweet photo. I got a sling just like that for my second baby and LOVED it so much! I used it with him until he was at least 25 pounds (the weight limit was 35), but I didn't carry him long. He loved it when he was fussy or tired. I also loved it so much for being in public with him when he was really little - my hands were free for my toddler and people didn't make so free with the baby too.

    Wow. THat was a flood of memories. My sling baby is almost 3!


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