Saturday, April 11, 2009

Take a Child Fishing!

Our children have been thrilled to go fishing with Daddy this week. No one has caught anything and Daddy spends all his time going from one child to the next throwing lines in the water! Short attention spans mean there isn't much of the peace and quiet that is supposed to accompany fishing! Last night I was able to go along and out son kept saying, "I am going to show you MY fishing spot!" He was so excited!
Many states have a fish for free day. On this day, residents and non-residents can fish without buying a license. This year, Pennsylvania's free day is May 23. Maryland's is the first two Saturday's in June and July 4.
In PA, an adult can help a child fish without buying a license, as long as the child is actively involved in the process. Other states may have similar laws.
Fishing in certainly in the frugal fun category! Do have more ideas for fun activities to do with your family that are free, or nearly so?

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  1. Our latest frugal family fun was a purchase of 2 kites (including string) for $1, at a dollar store. Even though the girls are 22 and 16 they had a blast for over an hour this afternoon. And the kites didn't even break, so I'm sure they will be enjoyed again!

    Looks like your children had lots of fun!


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