Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sewing Project - Boo Boo Bags

At our house, “boo-boo bags” are almost a necessity. Many a bump, pain, or ache are cured with these cold or hot packs. A “boo-boo bag” is a simple cloth bag filled with wheat, rice, buckwheat, lentils, or dry beans. The bag is warmed in the microwave for a hot pack or stored in the freezer for a cold pack.

To make your own, cut out two pieces of fabric the same size. Use cotton fabric. You don't want the fabric to melt in the microwave! The shape can be square, rectangle or any other shape and any size you wish! With right sides together, sew up three sides of the bag. Turn the bag right side out and fill half way with the filling ingredient of your choice. Fold in the raw edges of the unsewn side and stitch the bag closed. Your boo-boo bag is now ready to use!

If you wish, you may make a second bag just slightly larger then your first, attach Velcro to one end and use it as a pillow case to keep your boo-boo bag clean.

I find these bags are easier then trying to hold ice on a bumped head. I've tucked the children into bed with a warm boo-boo bag when they complained of a tummy or ear ache. I have even carried one to bed myself when an achy back or stiff shoulders needed some heat. Spend a few minutes sewing one (or two or three) today and maybe you, too, will wonder what you did without it!

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