Monday, February 23, 2009

A New Compost Bin

I love composting and the fun of recycling all those yucky scraps into black gold for the garden! We've always just used the "pile" method, heaping all our kitchen garbage and garden remnants in a pile at the edge of the garden by our tool shed. While it certainly is an effective way to make compost, on Saturday we built a compost bin!
Ed took old pallets and formed them into three bins, attaching the pallets with some old interlocking plastic ties. I just love a project which uses completely recycled materials and takes only a few minutes of time! The bins are also completely movable if we decide we don't like them after all.

In the first bin, Ed shoveled our finished compost. This was from our pile from last spring that is now ready to spread on the garden.
In the third bin, he layered the pile we are presently adding to. It is beginning to break down but you can still find recognizable chunks from old broccoli plants, dead houseplants, orange peelings and egg shells. In a few weeks, he plans to turn this pile into the middle bin. We then will begin a new pile in the third bin.
Some time in the future I'll write more about composting, and why you too need a compost pile!


  1. I never would have thought of this. I ran across this blog post during a google search and my husband put it together last night. Gotta love free and easy!

  2. I have the very same set up for my compost bins! Used pallets creating three bins ...


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