Sunday, April 26, 2020

Hail, Holy Light

This Sunday morning can bring a mix of emotions.

Do you feel
contentment or frustration?
joy or anxiety?
peace or anger?
faith or fear?

Changing negative emotions may seem impossible.
We may feel helpless to change circumstances
or adjust your attitude.

Maybe that is why we like the Psalms.
David shows us despair turned to praises.

How long wilt forget me, O Lord?
How long shall I have sorrow in my heart?

Hear me, O Lord, lest I sleep the sleep of death. 

I have trusted in Thy mercy.
My heart shall rejoice in Thy salvation.
I will sing unto the Lord
because He hath dealt bountifully with me.

(Excerpts from Psalm 13)

Despair to Request to Trust to Praise.

Did David's emotions change from the first verse to the last?
Or did he choose the action of praise and drag his emotions along?

I love when we start a Sunday morning worship service with Hail, Holy Light. I like the reminder that our praise is joining the song of creation, the heavenly beings, and believers around the world to worship God.

Hail, Holy Light
Edwin P. Parker
Hymns of the Church #50

Hail, holy light! The world rejoices
As morning breaks and shadows fly;
All nature blends her myriad voices
To greet the dayspring from on high.
Break forth, in glory far excelling,
O light eternal, love divine!
Let Thy bright beams, all shades dispelling,
Around us and within us shine.
The heav’nly hosts fall down before Thee,
And Holy! cry, nor ever rest;
The saints on earth, with them, adore Thee,
Creator, Savior, Spirit blest.
Accept, O Father, we entreat Thee,
The worship which Thy children bring;
O, grant us grace in Heav’n to greet Thee,
And with all saints Thy love to sing.

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  1. Thanks for these Sunday hymn posts, Gina. I do read them and enjoy them! :) What wouldn't we all give for the privilege of joining in a rousing congregational rendition of this!

  2. Sister Gina,

    Would you happen to have an acapella rendering of the Hymn HE WAS NAILED TO THE CROSS FOR ME? I recently heard it at a Mennonite church I attended but I want to listen to it again!



    1. I don't have a copy of that song. You could check on youtube.

  3. I enjoy the hymns you share :) I never heard of this one but I like the words & music very encouraging


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