Sunday, April 19, 2020

Rise, Glorious Conqueror

Yesterday while I was cleaning, I listened to Coronovirus and Christ by John Piper. (You can download it for free.) I was again inspired to look for ways to bring God glory through this pandemic.

Nothing surprises our God. He is not wringing His hands helplessly. We don't have to resort to blame, or fear, or panic. Not when He is still the risen Lord and conqueror of death.

May His name prevail.

Rise, Glorious Conqueror
by Matthew Bridges
Hymns of the Church #261

  1. Rise, glorious Conqu’ror, rise,
    Into Thy native skies;
    Assume Thy right;
    And where in many a fold
    The clouds are backward rolled
    Pass through those gates of gold,
    And reign in light!
  2. Victor o’er death and hell!
    Cherubic legions swell
    Thy radiant train;
    Praises all heav’n inspire;
    Each angel sweeps his lyre,
    And waves his wings of fire—
    Thou Lamb once slain!
  3. Enter, incarnate God!
    No feet but Thine have trod
    The serpent down:
    Blow the full trumpets, blow!
    Wider your portals throw!
    Savior triumphant, go
    And take Thy crown!
  4. Lion of Judah, hail!
    And let Thy Name prevail
    From age to age;
    Lord of the rolling years,
    Claim for Thine own the spheres,
    For Thou hast bought with tears
    Thy heritage!


  1. I bought all the Cds last year of Hymns of the Church. I had bought the songbook itself a few years prior. Rise, Glorious Conqueror is a wonderful song and one of my favorites. Thank you Gina for posting it.

  2. I'm hoping a lot of you see this. I am in desperate need of people to pray.

    Please pray for Baby L. She was born yesterday. Half of her heart is not working correctly. She was flown to St. Louis where the specialists have done everything they can. They are letting the parents hold her and are waiting for her to pass. Please join me in asking for a miraculous healing of Baby L's heart.

    I am good friends with both sets of grandparents and taught Baby L's mom in kindergarten. L's mom and grandparents came here for Sunday dinner every week after church for years. We camped together and have shared the highs and lows of our lives with each other. I go to church with Baby L's other grandparents. Their 22 year old daughter was killed in a tornado several years ago. L is named after their daughter. I can't imagine what this family is going through.



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