Thursday, July 10, 2014

Darwin's Fillet of Fish with Seafood Filling

 Another recipe from the Dutch Oven Gathering. This was the winner this year. 

When I asked for the recipe, Darwin's wife Regina (you've met her in other posts here) said that she didn't really have a recipe but could give a general idea. Regina is one of those wonderful cooks that doesn't need a recipe - as this dish illustrates!
Darwin's Fillet of Fish with Seafood Filling

smashed crackers and small bread cubes
finely chopped onions
finely chopped celery
fresh mushrooms
any other seasonings

Saute the above in some butter until browned and crumbs a little crispy.  Dump into a bowl.

In same skillet pour some Olive oil or butter and saute a bag of salad shrimp and some crab meat with a bunch of fresh garlic or about a teaspoon from the minced jarred garlic.  When shrimp turn pink take off and toss with the above bread mixture.  Pour a little cream over mixture.

In Dutch Oven or in a baking dish, layer raw fish fillets of your choice, above filling mixture, then top with another layer of fish fillets.  Pour melted butter mixed with  Worcestershire sauce and fresh squeezed lemon juice over top.  Sprinkle with lemon pepper, and any other seasonings you wish.  Bake till fish is flaky and bubbly.  Top with fresh parsley and enjoy!

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