Thursday, June 19, 2014


I didn't plan to take a blogging break but somehow, in the last weeks, we've been busy enjoying summer. There has been more days that I did not even turn the computer on to check email this month than maybe years. I didn't even show signs of withdrawal so maybe I'm not as addicted as I feared.

So here is a random collection of pictures from the last month to show what we've been up to.


We spent a weekend in Central Pennsylvania at the Black Moshannon State Park.  We were so glad we had picked Cabin #14 with it's wide porch and fireplace. We were able to cook most of our meals over the fire despite the rainy weekend.

The rain halted occasionally and searching for a geo-cache is a great way to burn off energy...

 And discover new places like this stream which Ed claims in the prettiest creek in Pennsylvania.

 In the wee hours of the morning, we were woken by a crash when a big black creature dumped out the carefully packed storage tub and licked the cake crumbs out of the dutch oven. The bear escaped before we could wake the children, much to their disappointment.

We enjoyed several other day trips such as Memorial Day visiting some historical sites.

And a lovely Sunday evening hike on the Applachian Trail.

 And then there is the imaginations of children who find adventures in their own backyard.

But it isn't all play.

 We've picked over 60 quarts of strawberries from our patch. We are endulging in every kind of strawberry treat - from strawberry pie, pretzel dessert, icecream, and shortcake. All the rain has hurt the berries some but there is still many unripe berries.

 I didn't plant peas this year but picked at a neighboring pick-you-own patch. They even shelled them for me!

 But sweetest of all is our smiley marshmallow. Five months old and such a joy bringer.

How is your June?


  1. Lovely pictures and lovely family. Question for you, did you make the bonnets for your girls? If so, do you have a pattern or did you just make it up on the fly? I would love to make one for my daughter for the remainder of summer. I don't think the link works for my email so you can email me at Thanks.

    1. A made the bonnets with a free pattern I found somewhere online. But I don't remember where. If I find the pattern I'll send you the link. Or just google and see what you find! I'm sure there are many options.

  2. What a wonderful get-away!! Such beautiful children...and it looks like Smiley Marshmallow is very happy to join in all the excitement!! Thanks for sharing! I was getting a little worried and hoped you were busy and having fun. Praise God! He's so good!!

  3. What a cute nickname, love it :)

  4. So glad to see everyone having such a wonderful summer. Your bear story reminded me of when we went camping as children. A bear got into our cooler and ate a big pot of my mom's beef stew. The pot was licked clean but at the bottom was a little pile of potatoes! Guess he didn't like them! Hope the rest of your summer is great!

  5. Looks like you have had a busy and fun June! The strawberries here in NY have been late, but I have just begun to see signs for them while out this week. I hope to make strawberry shortcake soon. : )

    Your family is beautiful! Your baby is so cute, and she looks very cheerful.


  6. You family is beautiful, you must be very proud of them.
    Blessings Gail

  7. Gina,
    I have a garden again, it's been years. Race is having fun watching the garden grow. We planted lettuce and he thinks we planted salad. It really tastes better when you grow your own. Thanks for the encouraging blogs and photos about your garden.

  8. What fun you're all having this summer! I was wondering where your posts were but family is much more important than a computer. Your children all look so content and happy and the baby. What an apt nickname. :-)


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