Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pretzel Dogs and The Time Keeper

I love to hear how others take recipes on this site and come up with their own adaptions. Starla sent me this picture and note.

I wanted to show you another "twist" to your Miracle Bread. The ideas was born after having a pretzel dog at Auntie Anne's one day while shopping with my sisters. These work so well for school lunches. We bake them, cool, wrap in foil, and freeze. Each classroom has a crockpot on the counter, and the students put jars of leftovers or food wrapped in foil in the crock pot and turn in on medium. At lunch time, they have a nice hot lunch. 

Thanks Starla! I know my children would love these!

Starla is the author of the Time Keeper, a household planner. The new 2013 Time Keeper is up on her website. It is lovely as always! I love my Time Keeper! I plan to place an order soon for 2013. If you live local and would like to order with me, let me know soon.


  1. Those dogs LOOK yummy for sure... appears easy enough to make too.. and like you I like to make things that can be done up in big batches and thrown in the freezer for a quick meal or something..

    Thanks for the update on the TimeKeeper.. Got mine ordered! Been looking for something to keep on hand at all times.. otherwise I forget to write down on the home calendar .lol

  2. I love the crockpot in the classroom idea. I've never seen that in a school, but it makes a lot of sense. In our elementary school I've seen so many kids eating cold rice dishes who would appreciate it.

  3. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Ditto to Evelyn's comment - Love the idea of a crockpot for lunch in the classroom. {or my own kitchen!} : )

    Did Starla give you details on how she laid out the bread dough to bake up like that?

    1. Melanie

      Starla didn't give any details. I assumed that she pulled off a small piece of dough, rolled it long and rolled it around a hotdog.

      Want to comment, Starla?

    2. I roll 1/3 - 1/2 of the Miracle Bread dough and then simply cut it into strips with a pizza cutter. It works great! Then I wrap the dough around the hotdogs, starting at an angle. You may have to do one or 2 to get the hang of it.

      I think one recipe makes 24 hotdog rolls.

      And yes, the crockpot idea in the classroom is so very nice! When we put leftovers away after dinner, we prepare the jars of food right away. In the morning, the boys just grab theirs and lunch-packing is simplified!


  5. not sure if anyone can confirm or if Starla will read this...but am I understanding this right that the glassjars/foil packs are going in dry? I was under the impression that slowcookers should have liquid in the bottom? Or is this generally safe as there is something in there to absorb the heat that is produced.
    Will definately be trying the pretzel dogs!!

    1. I'm sorry - I didn't see this until now.

      Yes, the jars/foil packs go in dry. I understand your question - it does seem to work well this way but have never looked into it further.

      I have read a few crock-pot blogs and remembered someone else wrapping things in foil in order to be able to heat 2 dishes together rather than using 2 crock-pots. So I am assuming it's okay. =)


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