Thursday, August 9, 2012

Freedom Ranger Chicks - Six Weeks

It is hard to believe...

that in six weeks, chicks can grow from tiny balls of fluff...

to lanky adolescents.

Two weeks ago, we moved the Freedom Ranger chicks outside in a movable pen. We move them onto fresh grass three times a day. You can almost see their excitement when we come out to move their pen and they instantly start pecking at the grass. I spotted one with a grasshopper the other day.

I would love to give the chicks more room to roam; we have plenty of pasture. But last year we had a lot of predator problems and I think they are safer in an enclosure.

We have lost three chicks so far. We are not sure exactly what happened to any of them, but one chick found a piece of string, tried to swallow it, and apparently choked himself.

So far, we are very pleased with the growth of the Freedom Rangers. To learn more about Freedom Rangers, visit the Freedom Ranger Hatchery.


  1. Fluffy or lanky--they're cute either way!

  2. PS--I pinned the chick picture 'cause it's so adorable!

  3. I agree birds are birds fluffy or lanky teen awkward stage Its neat raising them :)

  4. Hi Gena. Mine are 2 weeks old and already more than doubled in size. I'm on the 2nd bag of feed already. And had to put another feeder and another gallon waterer in for them. I am going to try putting mine out the end of next week.

    Yours are looking good. How many did you get?

    1. We ordered 25, the Hatchery sent 26, we lost 3 so now we have 23.


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