Monday, June 4, 2012

Kitchen Tip - Measuring Honey

When replacing sugar with honey, one of my annoyances was how sticky it is to measure.

One easy way I found to measure honey is to use the same measuring cup as the oil. Often times, especially in bread baking, I measuring olive oil and honey.

If I first measure the oil in the measuring cup...

Then measure the honey on top of the oil (it will fall to the bottom)...

Both pour out quite easily.

Do you have a simple kitchen trick for measuring ingredients?


  1. This is great. If the recipe I'm using doesn't call for oil, I will often spray my measuring cup with a Misto oil sprayer. Keep up the good tips!

  2. I guess I've done this naturally - as to save on dishes. ;)I'm constantly adding stuff together for that reason.

    This is a great idea. Simple. Makes a ton of sense.

  3. I swirl my egg in the measuring cup first and then measure all the sticky stuff. Everything comes right out.
    Learned this at a tupperware party many years ago.


  4. I like to boil my eggs for potato salad in the same pot, at the same time with my potatoes. I then spoon them out to run under cold water while I drain the potatoes.

  5. One day I finally realized it's easier to keep a specific measuring spoon in specific mixes/containers. Example, I keep a 1/2 in the salt container, and 1 tbsp in the taco season mix jar and cornstarch etc. (What's the point of washing out the teaspoon you used to measure salt anyway?)

  6. Measuring the oil first works with any recipe that calls for peanut butter also. Slides right out with no sticky mess.

  7. I do the same thing with any kind of syrup. A light spray of oil will work well for things with peanut butter, too.

    My time saving tip -- I always lightly coat the crock pot liner with oil. It doesn't seem to affect the cooking, but it sure makes the clean up easier.

  8. I love reading tips like this. Thank you!

  9. I eyeball ingredients to save dishes and time, unless I'm baking something like a cake. I've learned pretty well what a tablespoon looks like - I poured a dollop out tonight for my salad dressing. I've been putting 2 splashes of oil in my pancake batter for years and my pancakes are always great.

  10. Gina,

    I love your blog and read it daily! I can tell you are a wonderful know how? You can't read the measurments on the cup which shows you have been cooking for a very long time and have lots of experience! :-)

    I enjoyed reading about your vacation and all the food you was very inspiring. My kids are 17 & 14 and we only try to eat out once a day on vacation so I was very impressed with your goal, food and dedication to it all.

    Wendy B.


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