Monday, June 11, 2012

Finished Project - Stamped Concrete Steps

Some of you followed our house addition project last year. When we poured the concrete for the porch and walk, knew that it was too big of project to also pour the steps on the same day.

A year later, we finally finished the project. Though the house addition was at the back of our house, we are using it for our main entrance. We needed better steps from our parking area to the walk at the back of the house.

Two of my brothers that built our addition, also poured the steps.

On Thursday, they built the forms. The curved steps were a little more difficult than any concrete project that they have done but they love a challenge.

On Friday, they poured the concrete.

After the steps were poured. They trowled in a dye powder.

Then the forms were carefully removed. You don't get a second chance with concrete.


With a second color of dye powder in a mold release, the steps were pounded with a stamp to make a random stone-like pattern.

On Saturday, Ed power-washed the steps and sprayed on a sealer.

I love the final result! It is fulfilling to be able to call a project completed!


If you live local, I don't think I am biased to recommend my brothers for your future building/concrete needs!


  1. The steps are beautiful! They did a really nice job. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. Great finished job, Gina! They look especially nice with the sealer on

  3. Beautiful. My hubby did something similar to our existing front porch - he added a layer of cement over top and stamped it to create the look of terracotta tile. I love the colors you chose.

  4. What an amazing finish on the steps - they look like marble in the photo. Your brothers have done a fantastic job. If they ever want to come to the uk....!!

  5. Those are absolutely beautiful. Too bad I live in Wisconsin, do you brothers need a road trip? ;) I really need new steps on the front of my house but we just covered the crumbling concrete with treated lumber until I can afford a full removal and redo.

  6. I don't live local to you, but I still think you are biased. 'Course if my brothers produced such lovely steps I would be biased too! :)
    Congratulations on the project completion. What is next???

  7. My goodness Gina! Those steps are so beautiful! What a wonderful & professional looking job! I don't think you are at all biased :)

  8. The new steps are lovely, Gina! I wish your brothers lived closer to Georgia; I have a few projects they could do for me! lol! You are so blessed to have such skillful, helpful brothers. Great job!

  9. Looks great! Do your brothers build houses or just do remodels and concrete? Just in case I ever need a good construction crew :)

    1. Carolyn-
      They have done just about everything, including whole houses. But they don't like to travel far to work. It was a stretch to have them come the 20 miles to my house!

    2. Good to know, maybe some day I can move closer to my, there are no plans to do such a thing, yes, I can dream :) but we trust God with those directions!

  10. Wow, the steps are gorgeous!

    I wish you were local to me because I need my sidewalk redone and you aren't biased in the least to think they do beautiful work.

  11. Those are absolutely lovely! I wished I did live local as my steps are just plain old concrete.

  12. we need a patio built in Oklahoma. Your brothers work is beautiful, I don't know where you are, any chance we are all in Oklahoma?

  13. Your whole project just turned out so professional looking - not to mention beautiful. You are not biased at all, they've done a great job. :-)

    And that feeling of a project completed is wonderful, is it not? :-)

    (btw, since I read you in email, I hadn't seen your new header- it's very nice! Great photos and tagline)


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