Saturday, February 4, 2012

Free Downloads

A few free downloads that I've enjoyed...

Audio books for children
Find old favorite books on audio at books should be free. We have been especially enjoying the Thorton Burgess books. All the books are in the public domain (in other words "old") and are Librivox recordings done by volunteers. The quality varies but mostly we have been pleased. And you can't beat free!

De-clutter calendar
Looking for a little motivation to de-clutter your house? You can download one month, or a whole year of the de-clutter calendar at my simpler life. Each day you are given one small task to accomplish. Examples are to keep only your good knives, or clean off the right side of your desk. Saturdays are slightly longer jobs, like clean out the fridge, and Sunday's task is something like call an elderly relative. Whether you use the calendar daily or not, it can still give me ideas of small jobs that I can do in a few minutes.

Maximize Your Mornings
This little e-book from Inspired to action motivated me to be more deliberate in the way I use my mornings.  But you still won't see me bounding out of bed when the alarm rings!


  1. Thank you for sharing these Gina. I try not to use calendars since they tend to make me feel overwhelmed, but these are a very good idea.


  2. Thanks for sharing the idea of the calendar I'm going to have to download this. Love the idea of doing little tasks that over time add up :0)


  3. I seriously need to de-clutter! Thanks for the calendar link, Gina.


  4. I downloaded the calendar about 2 weeks ago and hi-lited the things I want to work on. So far so good.

  5. This is so great! Thank you for sharing with us. Hugs! Bobbi Jo

  6. Thanks for the ideas here. I used to do the "Fly Lady" method, which really helped me. But, I didn't care for the 50 e-mail reminders in my in-box each day. I do need to get back on the 'little by little' approach that this calendar you mentioned talks about.


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