Monday, January 16, 2012

Fresh Winter Greens

If there is anything better than a January salad of freshly picked greens, I'd like to hear of it.

Our busy fall meant that I did not get lettuce and spinach planted in the cold frame until very late- almost too late. The lettuce is tiny and I've only harvested a few leaves. But the spinach is doing well, probably thanks to our mild winter.

Once again, I realize I did not plant nearly enough. Greens grow very slowly in cold weather. I have been cutting the spinach about every two weeks. The spinach is so crisp and sweet, far better than spinach grown in warmer weather.  Even our children ask for seconds of salad. I wish I had enough planted for a fresh salad several times a week.

The spinach is growing in a small raised bed beside our house. The bed is covered with a double layer of row cover. Rain and sunlight can penetrate the row cover and I give it no attention unless I want to harvest.

I find planting a late garden to be a challenge. By the end of summer, my planting enthusiasm is waning. But these few spinach plants were well worth the tiny bit of effort.

Are you still harvesting in your garden?


  1. I finished picking the last of my radishes in December. Did you leave space between your double layers of row cover? I am in zone 4b-5a and am hoping to try some fall/winter gardening next winter. I also went back and read your earlier blog on row covers and insect barriers. The insect barrier sounds like a definite for me because I also do not like to use insecticide sprays on my garden and want to try cabbage, kale, and maybe broccoli this year.

  2. Grannie M-
    I lay one layer directly on top of the plants. The other layer is held up by hoops.

  3. We enjoyed some fresh spinach along with lots of fresh parsley and a spring onion that decided to grow on its own!! What a treat! I have red beets still good in the garden that I am waiting to pull but should before they freeze for good! I just enjoy knowing they are out there to eat!!

  4. I am harvesting lots of kale from a small area. Also some green onions and lettuce, but learned a lesson this year that planting in a more shady spot means the lettuce doesn't survive the winter nearly as well! The parsley and cilantro grow beautifully all the way through.

  5. you're very inspiring!! I'm very, very lucky, though, to have farmers to fuss with it and then I buy the greens from them at market :)

  6. We didn't do a garden last year because of my illness during pregnancy, but there is still lettuce popping up in odd places. I can really identify with your feelings on gardening as the seasons change. It suits me best to plant and harvest heavily through the summer and early fall and then take the winter off. The break helps to build up my enthusiasm in time for the following year.


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