Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Books on Children Around the World

Books are a wonderful way to expand your child's world. Through books we have traveled to places we will probably never visit.

The following list is picture books we have enjoyed. Families preferences vary and you may want to pre-read them first to check the modesty in photos and references to idol worship.

Children Just Like Me by Barnabas Kindersley
All around the world are children who live in homes, do their chores, play games and enjoy their families.

People by Peter Spier
Celebrate the differences in people around the world with Spier's wonderful drawings.

One World, One Day - by Barbara Kerley
Photos of children around the world doing things every child does.

Nine O'Clock Lullaby by Marilyn Singer
Introduction to the time zones.

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman
Look at the ingredients on your shelf in a whole new way.

From Arapesh to Zuni by Karen Lewis
An alaphbet book  from Wycliffe sharing a short description of a people group who does not have a Bible in their own language. Last year we read one page a week and gathered some ideas from Mother's Bible to learn more about the people or country.

What the World Eats by Peter Menzel
I don't consider this a children's book but found it in the children's department of our library. I brought it home just for the photos but ended up reading most of it. Families around the world are photographed with the food they eat for one week. The contrast between refugees in Chad and middle class America is startling. This book prompted a lot of conversations on nutrition. If you like this book, look for Material World by the same author.

Have fun with your world travels from the couch!

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  1. We found the How to make an apple pie and see the world at our local Goodwill.I was so excited.It is a really cute story that we all enjoyed.

  2. I know several of these books. I haven't showed What the World Eats to my kids yet, but I consider it a powerful resource and lesson.

    We adore Peter Spier's books!

  3. The perfect idea for our next library visit! Thank you!

  4. I just went on my library's website and put them all on hold.


    Mrz. Carmen

  5. Hi Gina
    Thought I'd just pop in here & say how much I've been enjoying your posts through email! Thanks for this list ~ looks great!
    Have a wonderful day & thank you for blessing me often!

  6. I highly recommend a series called "Childs Day Series 1" (if you look that phrase up in Amazon, you'll hit a bunch the books) They profile the typical day of kids around the world. Our favorites are Bongani's Day (South Africa), Iina-Marja's Day (Sami Lapland) and Nii-Kwei's Day (Ghana) Our library has a handful of them. They're really lovely, sweet stories of seven yr old kids and their families from all corners of the globe. Hope you can find them!


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