Monday, June 13, 2011

The Trimmings

It is so good to feel that the end is near in our addition project!

Ed could have done the trimwork himself. He enjoys a little woodworking. But at this point we are all ready to get this project finished. It seemed wiser to call in the professionals. My brothers crew spent two and a half days here this week and completed a ton of work. Ed enjoyed helping someone who knew what they were doing!

 Cutting the trim.

They built the window trim in boxes.

And slid them into the windows.

The other two men worked on siding.

It looks so neat and finished!

I now have miles (at least it  feels like miles) of trim to paint.

My project this week is going to be paint, paint and more paint! Anyone want to come help!


  1. Congrats! It looks amazing!

  2. Sorry I really don't want to help. We just painted a bedroom and need to do the bathroom.

    I finally got some of the trim put in today.

    Looks great and I'll be thinking of you this week. Thanks for sharing how the addition is going. It's fun to see the progress.


  3. If I was closer I would come help. Many hands make lite work.

  4. You know if I lived nearby, I'd be right over to help. I love to paint... especially when I don't have to scrape first :)

    It looks so great!



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