Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June in My Garden

Is it June yet?

You say June is halfway over?

I'm not sure where I've been - but I do know I haven't been wondering what to do.

Maybe it would be good to sit down and figure out what I want to do in my garden before the month is completely over.

Our garden is taking the spare moments of time left from working on our house. And there has not been many spare moments to find. As you saw in the garden tour, some weeds are thriving from our neglect. The only good part of our garden is what has been mulched with leaves and grass clippings.

So here is the list of what I HOPE happens in the garden this month!

1. Plant sweet potatoes.

2. Plant a late crop of potatoes. We find a planting of potatoes around Father's Day is perfect for winter storage. But we have found that the heat makes the seed potatoes rot faster. We do not cut up the seed potatoes but plant them in whole pieces. In the spring, when I planted the early potatoes, I saved the smaller seed potatoes for this late planting.

3. Inventory seeds for fall garden. Seed displays will soon be taken down at garden centers and will be impossible to find in July or August. But if it is as dry as last summer, I'm not going to feel like planting a fall garden.

4.Start broccoli plants for fall. Or just play it lazy and plan to pick up broccoli plants at the garden center.

5. Weed, prune, dead head flowers - a little upkeep will keep the garden looking it's best.

6. Mulch - the busy (or lazy) gardener's best friend. We cover our garden with grass clippings and/or leaves and eliminate most weeding the rest of the summer!

7. Water as needed. Unbelievable, for having a wet spring, we are already dry.

7. Enjoy the strawberries, new potatoes, and peas!

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