Monday, April 25, 2011

New Skills

This week at the home addition...

Ed was struggling this week with a major case of allergies. I'm not sure when I've seen him so sick. But he still went out a few evenings and worked on some insulating and small odd jobs.

On Friday, Ed had off work. My brother and a friend spent the day building concrete forms.

They also sealed up around the fireplace.

In the late afternoon, the truck came and made the rain spouting. By this time, it had started to rain and I was too soft to go out and get photos. But these guys worked on the roof, in the cold rain, putting up the largest stretch of rain spouting.  Since we needed spouting for the addition, we went ahead and replaced all the spouting on the house.

A truck also delivered the brick, sand and mortar.

On Saturday afternoon, the sun finally came out. Our next door neighbor, a mason, taught Ed how to lay brick.

Do-it-yourself projects like this wouldn't be for everyone but Ed insists he enjoys the challenge of learning a new skill. And we are very blessed to have willing teachers who lend us tools!


  1. I love how God provides! Need to lay brick? A neighbor is a mason and is willing to teach! Awesome!

    It is going to be such a great space!

  2. I looks like your addition is coming along. I know what it's like to be bursting at the seams. We have a family of three, and could use a bigger eating area. I found your blog through looking for row covers. It's great! I am not advanced in bread making... seeing your photos makes me want to try harder. I make excellent carrot cake and pies, why not bread?

    A word of advice, you can add the "follow this blog" feature. Then you can see your followers. AS a added benefit, I can see new posts through my Blogger dashboard.

  3. Hatdiva-

    Glad you came to visit! Thanks for the advice. I have not added the "follow this blog" just to keep the side bar as clean as possible. But I do want to make it useful for readers. Some how others are following. Is there a way to do it without me adding the button? I'm still learning about all this!


  4. Gina, I do follow your blog without you adding the feature =) Your clean sidebar is nice!

    That is so wonderful about your helpful neighbor - and your teachable hubby! What a great double blessing.

  5. Up at the top left side of your blog there should be a "follow" button. That is how I follow you and your blog is in my blogger dashboard. :)

  6. Thanks Tami!
    I usually subscribe to blogs through google reader and I wasn't really sure how this "following" worked!


  7. How wonderful that you have such great family, friends and neighbors willing to help. I am loving looking at the accomplishments!

  8. Hi Gina - I just finally caved in and added the follow button to my sidebar. I was really trying to keep my blog as clean as possible too! Some blogs don't have the top bar with the follow button, so all people have to do is go to their blogger dashboard, go to the Reading List, and then copy and paste your blog URL there. Then they're following you.
    Your addition looks great. You must be so excited!


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