Sunday, April 10, 2011

Addition Update

Progress is slower since Ed is just working on the addition in the evenings and Saturday. But it is still progress!

On Monday, Ed pushed some of the dirt piles around. We should be done in the back so he was able to level up the ground. Hopefully we'll be able to seed some grass before the weeds catch hold but it will have to stop raining for a few days first!

The children lost their big dirt pile. They have had so much fun playing in the dirt, stones, and sand. The pile of scrap building material has been endless fun. Why do we buy children toys?

The front of the addition looks far better without the dirt pile. But this area will be further torn up to put in a walk. It appears we are not done with dirt and mud yet!

On Wednesday, Ed finished insulating the back wall and put in the windows.

Saturday, my youngest brother came to help.

They finished laying the chimney block - and heavy difficult job.

They also laid the block for the hearth, filled in the wall around the fireplace and finished putting in the windows! Just in time since the birds were coming in looking for nesting sites in the rafters. I love wildlife but would rather not share my home with them.

It is so much fun watching it take shape!


  1. I love all the windows! :) We, too, have had an addition built on to our home...but the inside isn't totally finished yet...just as money and time allows (as we do our work by ourselves). Yours is looking wonderful, and again, I just love all the windows! What a great choice you made with that!

  2. I is really coming along. I love watching the progress. Agree with you on the wildlife.

    The kids seemed to be having a blast outside. Everyone should have a dirt pile to play in. LOL


  3. Oh I also love the windows. Along with you it has been fun watching it being built. It is looking wonderful.

  4. Looking good. Hope you can get more done before it gets terribly muddy.

  5. Lookin' good! :-)

    My hubby was moving dirt here yesterday ~ our younger daughters actually have a nice view out their windows now! ...instead of a large dirt pile ;-)

  6. I am so happy for you! Everything is looking great!

  7. Your addition is coming along beautifully! What an exciting time for you! I love the fireplace and all the windows. And that porch is a lovely feature!

  8. What bright room Gina. Like Katy said, love the windows and can imagine little finger prints everywhere on them ( happy thoughts here). You are cleaver to put a fireplace in there too for warmth. Amazing to see your children in summer clothes. We still have ice on the ponds and lakes and snow in the woods. I think I am wishing warmer weather.

  9. Gina,
    Everything looks great! I love the many windows!!! You and your family have really been busy!

    Good luck and Blessings,
    Debbie S.

  10. It's coming along so well! The windows are great, and it is going to be such a wonderful space for you all.


  11. dear gina
    it looks wonderful!!! i love all the
    have a nice week,
    blessings regina

  12. Congratulations on the new addition. It looks great, I love the windows. It will be a wonderful space, I'm sure you are very excited.

    Dirt piles and construction scraps are the best. :)

  13. Wow! Already barefoot weather!

    Your kids are having a great time in the dirt pile; you are a great mom Gina!


  14. That is so true how kids love to play on dirt piles. It made me remember when I was a teenager I babysat for a family who also built an addition and as a result had a dirt pile in their yard. I couldn't keep the kids off it, they loved it!


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