Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Praise the Lord!

I've been so blessed to have so many of you joining to pray for Baby G. Today I received this email from Karen.

Yippee!!! An email of almost all good news - lots of prayers answered!
G needed NO dialysis Sunday or Monday and on Tuesday they removed the dialysis catheter and put in an NJ feeding tube (goes through the nose and bypasses the stomach, going right to the intestines).

Her blood counts stayed level two days in a row (after her fourth transfusion), so no transfusion today; tomorrow is to be decided after they see the numbers from today.

The ultrasound of her gall bladder, liver, pancreas were normal.

Her lipase numbers (the elevated number showing the pancreatitis) had been off the charts (4000 --- normal is somewhere in the 200s) for several days. They have dropped to 900 by this morning. Since they've dropped so much, they are going to start her on clear liquids by mouth sometime today and see how she handles it.

They've stopped the IV nutrients and are up to 20 ml of breastmilk (about 4 tsp.) an hour with through the NJ tube.

Isn't that great??!? All of a sudden I'm starting to feel much better myself! :)
Thank you all for praying; now you can all praise God with us for these answers to prayer.

There are still some concerns that we're praying about - G's potassium is still low and her blood pressure is still high. She is being medicated for the high blood pressure and they say she might still need to take that even when she comes home. - But let's pray about that, okay?

No one has mentioned a time to come home yet - in fact, two nights ago, they moved us to a private room because G was having trouble resting because of all the noise. (That itself was a direct answer to prayer. I noticed that G was bothered by the background noises of children crying, people visiting, TVs on, etc. but didn't think there was anything to do about it. It was a nice surprise when the nurse told me they were going to move us.)

By times, G has been sitting up, playing, reading books. I took her for a wagon ride yesterday (you should have seen that - imagine a tired mommy pulling a wagon AND the IV tree. Yeah, people were moving out of the way. I was scaring myself!)

So that's how we've been. Again, thank you so much for praying for G and for us. And thank the Lord for the improvements we're seeing!


 My children have been faithfully praying for their little friend. They have been reminding me if I pray at a meal and forget! I can't wait to share this with them! Let's join in giving God praise - and continue to keep Steve and Karen and their family in prayer! 


  1. Praise God! We will continue to pray!

  2. I'm so glad she is doing so much better!! The power of prayer is amazing!!
    I hope she continues to get better and makes a full recovery!!!


  3. So glad to hear the good news! Thank you, Jesus! Will continue to pray.

  4. so glad to hear that! God is so good and faithful! Will pray for a speedy recovery and the Lords will for this families life. I am so thankful that I serving and all knowing, merciful God!

  5. Such wonderful news!! Thanks for sharing!


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