Thursday, August 5, 2010

Please pray...

I've always known you all were a great group of readers but your response to Eunice's request demonstrated how caring you all are. 

I'm going to pass on a prayer request. My friend Karen has a seriously ill 11-month old girl. Baby "G" got E coli. which moved into a kidney disorder. Below is the latest email I received from Karen.
G is in pain.  She now has a condition called pancreatitis, which is some sort of irritation of the pancreas.  Because there is no medicine for this, the treatment is no food or water by mouth.  The pancreatitis is also very, very painful.  She literally screamed in pain for four hours last night - and that was after two doses of morphine, one dose of tylenol, and four doses of another strong painkiller.  That gives you an idea of how painful this is.
Currently, treating her is a very complicated issue.  The HUS (causing the kidneys to not function properly) requires her to not have fluids.  The pancreatitis requires her to not have food, thereby requiring fluids for her nutrition.  The lasicks (spelling??) is the drug of choice for supporting the kidneys, but irritates the pancreatitis.  Most pain medication would be filtered by the kidneys, but hers aren't working properly, so that limits the pain medicine choices.  So you see the rock and the hard place.
Please pray that the Lord would relieve her of this pain.  It is so hard, so very hard to watch her be in such pain.  The nurses and doctors are doing what they can, but as a mom, it is so hard to believe that they're doing all they can.  And yet, I'm sure they are - after all, it's their job and they're certainly well-educated.  So, pray for us too. 
Stephen relieved me and stayed last night with G at the hospital so that I could come home and be with O, H, and C.  (the first I've seen them in 5 days!)  So, pray also that we can continue to meet all our daughters' need for parents while giving G our attention and energy.
Thank you!

You can visit Karen's blog to see pics of her adorable girls. And please, if you believe in prayer, hold this family up to the Lord. Then comment on her blog so she can be encouraged, too.

Thank you!

I'm adding this update on Saturday - Baby G's kidney has failed and is now on dialysis. She continues to be in a lot of pain. Please keep praying. Thanks.


  1. Praying for Karen, G and the entire family!

  2. Praying...thanks for the update!

    ~eunice b

  3. Praying for Baby G and family that the Lord will heal and restore her health quickly as well as providing strength and faith to endure while it lasts!

  4. Praying for healing and trusting in God to take care of baby G and her family.

  5. Praying for this entire family, for peace and strength and healing.

  6. Praying for baby G and her family.


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