Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let it snow!

In recent years, we have not had much snow here. Last year we didn't have enough snow to go sledding even once.
This winter is out to change that! This week alone, we've had at least two feet of snow. With all the wind and drifting it is impossible to measure, so we may have had closer to three feet.
The best part - Ed stayed home! He always has such fun ideas! Like this snow fort!
I enjoyed a walk in the snow - then scurried inside for the rest of the day! This is when I love being a homemaker!
The smells of beef barbecue in the crockpot, fresh cornmeal rolls,
and homemade chocolate cake donuts fill the house.
A few tiny green seedling leaves remind us that spring will come eventually! Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the view! (Can you tell by my exuberance that I wasn't the one who had to shovel us out?)


  1. Can I come for supper? Gina your pictures are beautiful. The snow brings back so many happy memories for me too :) I'm glad Kansas it finally getting some this year. As for my poor in-laws in Maryland, they've had quite enough already :(

  2. Is the cake donut recipe in an eariler post? I have the older no-bake recipe, are they the same? Do you use bread flour or all purp?
    ps-love the snow pics!

  3. Jenna -
    The chocolate cake donut is a new one I am experimenting with. I plan to post this recipe later this week. In yeast bread recipes I like to use bread flour - but often use all purpose because it is what I have on hand. For recipes using baking powder, I use all purpose. Usually I use half whole wheat flour in almost any recipe.

  4. Such beautiful snow pictures! My kids would love it.

  5. Hi Gina,
    Brrrrrrr I thought our 42 was cold. LOL I made a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pound Cake today you will love. I posted the recipe.The donuts look yummy. I look forward to the recipe.

  6. Beautiful pics!
    I love the snow.

    I can't wait til you post that donut recipe- I really like your other recipe too! I've made them several times- but where there's chocolate- I have to try them!
    They look wonderful!

    How's the whole wheat sour dough coming along? I've tried- given up- tried again- sigh! I hope you come up with a good one! I would like to make ciabatta bread too, but use half wheat. Have you ever made it?

  7. Donna -
    I'm with you with the sourdough. I have had several failures - but not quite ready to give up yet. My poor starter is languishing in the back of the fridge - which probably isn't helping it any.

    I use the ciabatta bread in Artisan Breads Every Day and use half whole wheat flour plus a few tablespoons of vital gluten and it really turns out well. I love the HUGE holes in this recipe. It has become a family favorite.


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