Thursday, February 18, 2010

Artisan Breads Every Day - Soft Sandwich Bread

Still slowly working my way through Peter Reinhart's newest book one recipe at a time.

I cheated on this recipe.

Like most of the recipes in Artisan Breads Every Day, this soft sandwich bread recipe utilizes a cold fermentation to enhance the flavor. The dough is mixed one day, and then refrigerated overnight or for several days.

But I didn't have an extra day. I wanted to bake this bread to give for some gifts. That evening. And it worked!

This recipe makes two large loaves. Since I was giving it as gifts, I decided to use my tiny loaf pans. I only had three pans. After kneading the dough, I divided it in half. One half I formed into three small loaves and allowed to rise on the counter. The other half I placed in the fridge to do a slow cold rise.

After baking the first three little loaves and emptying the pans, I removed the other dough from the fridge and formed them into three more little loaves.

I made this recipe according to the directions as far as ingredients. When rolling out the dough, I did generously sprinkle cinnamon sugar before rolling up the loaf for a spiraled cinnamon loaf.

The loaves rose beautifully. I gave five of the loaves away, but of course, I had to slice one myself just to make sure it was as good as it looked! It was! This dough would make a wonderful dinner roll.

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