Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm back!

No, I didn't give up blogging. Our computer just decided to take an unannounced vacation! Since we are a one computer family, that ended my on line life temporarily!

I actually was thinking of going on a blogging vacation. At the beginning of September, I was feeling very overwhelmed. Not only did I never find the end of my "to do" list but it seemed to be growing arms and tentacles and was threatening to choke me. Maybe I just enjoy doing too many things, but there is always far more that I'd like to accomplish then I ever find time for. To the busy canning and gardening season was added my wish to get on a better family routine and be more consistent in homeschooling our five year old. At the same time the five month old decided to wake up multiple times at night. I really wasn't having a good attitude and thought that a computer fast might not be a bad idea. The computer is one time hog that I could easily do without. But it was just something I was thinking about until the computer crashed and getting online was no longer an option!

I can't say that I've accomplished tons more then usual since being without keyboard distractions. Hopefully that means I am succeeding in my goal of keeping my computer time in balance. But I do feel much less overwhelmed. Whether it is because the garden is coming to a conclusion, or the baby is sleeping better, or the lack of computer - I don't know. Perhaps, I've just put that massive blood-sucking "to do" list in it's rightful place. My goal is to glorify God, be a help meet to my husband, a joyful mother to my children, and reflect Christ to the world. The list is only important as it reaches those goals! At least that is what I'm learning!


  1. I've been wondering where you were. I enjoy reading what you post. Just thought I would tell you that you were missed. I too know all about the time spent on the computer and the endless "to do" list. I am glad to say that I find myself on the computer less and spending more time doing things on my list. Not that I will ever get everything on my list done, but I am working on it more now. Glad the baby is sleeping better. Lack of sleep is not a good thing for me and it makes me short tempered. Something that I am working on. Being on the computer less and getting to bed at a decent hour helps that tremendously. Glad to see that you are back. Have a blessed day!

  2. I think it is neat how God MADE you take a computer break! I totally understand the thing of feeling like blogging can take up precious time. I've cut back a bit myself lately too...feel like I am needing a breather.

    Glad to see you back again. I missed reading your posts!


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