Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gardening With Children - Seed Markers

My husband always has the best ideas! The children always want to help in the garden - but sometimes their "help" is less then helpful! When planting beans, Ed drilled holes in some pieces of wood as seed markers!
The children loved their planting sticks! After placing a seed in each hole, they'd move their stick further down the row next to the other stick. In a short time, all the rows were planted. We even used the sticks for corn, planting in every other hole.
I'm sure it wasn't all done perfectly. Some holes may have been given two seeds and others none, but it was better then spending the evening yelling at the children to get out of the garden! I love to watch the thrill of accomplishment on their faces when they feel like they are really helping! And the beans are up and growing already!

Do you have any creative ways to encourage your children's "help"?

(Note: If you allow your children to help plant seeds, use only untreated seeds.)


  1. I loved this planting technique idea for little children! Can one find untreated seeds just anywhere?

  2. Lynita - I buy most of my seeds at Philips. Some of their seeds are treated and some are not. Corn and peas seem to be two that often are treated. Some mail order companies do not treat their seeds. Treated seeds will usually be an unnatural color like bright pink and it will be labeled "poisonous". Happy Planting! Gina

  3. I just love this idea and what a giver he was! So neat how he was teaching the kids but yet they were having fun to!
    Gina I am so sorry for your loss! I just don't have the words, but my heart hurts for you when I saw last night that he had passed away. Again so sorry! Praying that God will bless you all! I know He already does that.


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