Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Make your own Nursing Pads

Finally back to sharing sewing projects!

I love my readers! Not only do I gain all sorts of good information, but even your questions help me find better ways to do things!

Some time ago, a reader asked if I had a better solution to buying nursing pads. I immediately visualized the many boxes of disposable nursing pads I've purchased the last several years! I bought several pair of washable pads, but still used plenty of disposables as well. I know this is a "problem" some moms don't have! But my babies are chubby and happy, so I'm not complaining! And, of course, even buying a few nursing pads is still far cheaper then purchasing formula!

Still, it made me wonder if there was a better solution and when I read this article on making your own nursing pads at Passionate Homemaking, I wanted to try it.

What a simple project! Using a cup, I traced circles out of flannel (for absorbency) and fleece (for waterproofing). My circles were about four inches across. I used fabric scraps from another project, but you could also use old receiving blankets or cloth diapers. For each pad, I layered three flannel circles and one fleece circle and used a zig-zag stitch around the edge. You can make the inner circles a little smaller to reduce bulk, but stitch through the middle. Some of my layers shifted.

I love the result! So easy, fast to make, super soft, simple to launder and far more comfortable then any other option I've used!


  1. I wished I had known about this when I was having babies. I am keeping this for a reference for my daughters.

  2. Anyone hear of the pumpstation? I love that place, they have all sorts of products and stand by them. They test everytihng so its safe. it helped me alot.


  3. Does the fleece go on the top or the bottom?

  4. EH -
    I put the fleece on the outside, against my clothing. It helps waterproof the pads.

  5. Very good idea, I love the idea of making do with what we have available.

  6. do you have a followers list? I would love to follow your blog but don't see a section!


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