Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Through Child's Eyes - Grass Friends

I love sharing simple projects with my children, especially when it involves enjoying nature and observing the world around us! Here is a simple project we've done the past two winters! A great way to bring a little "green" to your home!

You will need:
Styrofoam or paper cup
potting soil
grass seed (possibly other seeds would work, but grass is what I had easily available)

Draw a face on the cup.
Dampen potting soil.
Fill cup with potting soil.
Generously sprinkle seed on soil.
Cover seed lightly with potting soil.
Sit on a sunny window sill and watch grow!

This year, our grass did not grow very thickly. Either we didn't plant enough seeds, covered the seeds too thickly or the seed was too old. The children still had fun with it but wasn't as great as last year when their grass friends hair grew thick and long! They had fun giving them hair cuts and even tried tying pony tails!

Give it a try! And I would love to hear about the projects your children enjoy!

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  1. Ummm. Bad mom here - my projects with my girls are: go play. *L* I think one SIL doesn't like me to babysit because that's what we do at my house. I say "go play". They play and I wash dishes, or scrub floors. *L*

    One project we do together and we all enjoy it is Easter egg decorating. Sometimes with stickers, sometimes painting, sometimes a combination.

    For all my classroom experience, I'm not a project kind of person. I like games. So we play games. Or read together.


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