Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have You Any Room for Jesus?

Have you any room for Jesus,
He who bore your load of sin?
As He knocks and asks admission,
Sinner, will you let Him in?

Room for pleasure, room for business;
But for Christ, the Crucified,
Not a place that He can enter
In the heart for which He died?

Room and time now give to Jesus;
Soon will pass God's day of grace-
Soon your heart left cold and silent
And your Savior's pleading cease.

Room for Jesus, King of Glory!
Hasten now; His Word obey,
Swing the heart's door widely open;
Bid Him enter while you may.

The song on my mind this Christmas - especially as I think of planning for the new year.

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  1. Sorry for commenting on an old post, but I'm looking through some of your older posts and saw this one. It's one of my favourite hymns! So true but sad that people have room for pleasure and business but none or at least not much for our precious Saviour!


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