Monday, December 29, 2008

Doll Clothes

I love to make doll clothes and wanted to make my four year old some new doll clothes for Christmas. I thought it would be a fun quick project but what I did not expect was how hard it was to keep it a surprise! She rarely takes a nap and by the time she was in bed at night, I was ready to call it a day myself, or at least enjoy some adult conversation with my husband! But it was a fun project and since I enjoy seeing others' projects, I thought I'd share some photos!

Denim jumper with a reversible bucket hat.
Plaid jumper.
Dress to match daughter's favorite dress.

And daughter's favorite - a flannel night shirt.

Jess shared numerous McCalls patterns with me and a great book Sew the Contemporary Wardrobe for 18-inch Dolls by Joan Hinds. There was lots more that I would have loved to make but I think this doll has enough clothing options for now!


  1. Gina.......cute doll clothes and cute doll too!!!
    thanks for sharing some of your creations :-)

  2. I used the same book this past Christmas! (Photos on our blog.) I'ved linked to your blog--enjoyed visiting today through the Merchant Ships Tumblr page.


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