Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Sisters' December Reading Challenge

Charity and I plan to keep our reading simple for December. We chose three challenges that are low pressure but will hopefully enhance our enjoyment of the holiday season. 

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1. Read a Christmas classic.

Charity and I are both choosing The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, but you may have another classic you'd like to read or reread. Some options include The Best Christmas Pagent Ever and Little Woman.

2. Read an Advent book.

There are many books with a short piece to read every day until Christmas. Preruse your library or a bookstore to find one that fits your wishes. I'm chose Malcolm Guite's Waiting on the Word, which is a poetry collection for each day of December. I don't read much poetry but I couldn't think of a more counter-culture and defiant stance against commercial craziness than reading poetry.

3. Read a cozy book. 

I haven't chosen my book yet for this category. I might reread a favorite book or pick up a just-for-fun fiction book. After a very busy fall, our December looks rather empty and I'm planning to prioritize a few quiet evenings at home. I'm looking forward to evenings on the couch, reading favorite Christmas picture books to my children, then enjoying my own book for an hour.

If you want some more suggestions of Christmas books, you can check out my book lists from other years.

What does reading look like for you in December?


  1. Christmas in my Heart by Joe Wheeler is a collection of stories that I have enjoyed over the years. Chris W.

  2. I'm so glad you girls are doing just three challenges. 🙂 So I'm reading Little Women for the classic category, my advent book will be Hope Has Come from The Daily Grace Co and for a cozy book it will be The Christmas Boutique by Jennifer Chiaverini.

  3. I was excited because I listened to the audio book of A Christmas Carol last week, and it is one you are reading. That counts right? lol
    I am almost finished with The Christmas Angel Project by Melody Carlson. It was a download from my library and even though it is about the loss of a friend, it is inspiring. I will check out your other lists too. Reading seems to help me "escape" right now. Merry Christmas!


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