Tuesday, March 8, 2022

February Brighter Winter Reading Challenge

My sister Charity and I both took part in the Brighter Winter Reading Challenge. Here are a few of our favorite books read in February. 

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Charity - a book recommended by a family member and a book written by a pastorSurving the Tech Tsunami by Gary Miller

I was challenged as I read this book to evaluate how I use technology. It’s easy to fall into unwanted habits. Gary Miller reminded me again of how important it is to guard myself from unhealthy content, and to work hard to have healthy relationships. This book reminded me to work as a body together to navigate the tech tsunami, because we can’t do it on our own.

Gina - a book by pastor's wife 
This book covers some of the same themes in Butterfield's other books (Confessions of an Unlikely Convert and The Gospel Comes with a House Key) but delves deeper into repentance, identity, and community. Butterfield relates her experience as a former lesbian in a way that is discreet, wise, and inspiring. She holds up truth about God's character and allows it to reflect on the reality of human character and I'm guessing I'll reread parts of this book.

Charity - a book written by an author of different ethnicity
Defying Jihad by Esther Ahmad
In her own words, Esther tells the story of growing up in the Middle East in a extremest Muslim family. Esther longed to live for Allah and if dying in jihad guaranteed enteral life for herself and her parents then she would. So she volunteered to be a suicide bomber. But then she found there was Someone who could answer all her questions, Who was the answer to all of her questions. This is an incredible story about the search for truth and the sacrifice to follow Jesus.

Gina - a book about a disability
Blind Courage by Bill Irwin
This is the true story of a blind man who hiked with his guide dog on the entire Appalachian Trail. I enjoy reading books about the AT since it runs so close to our house. Bill weaves the account of his hike with stories from his past. He lived an ungodly life with addictions and several failed marriages until he found Christ. Bill doesn't minimize the intenst challenges of the hike, and since he had to go so slowly because of his blindness, it was winter in Maine by the time he finished. The book inspired my faith in God, but it didn't not lure me to through-hike the AT. 

Charity - a book with a color in the title and an award-winning book
The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare
I delight in middle-grade, well-written, exciti,ng and yet cosy books. This one fit all of those boxes and got an extra point for being a historical fiction. Set in the time period of the Salem Witch trials, Kit finds herself uprooted from Barbados and transplanted to Puritan New England. Not only is their solumn religious lifestyle hard to understand, Kit also doesn’t understand why she can’t be friends with the Quaker woman who lives on the edge of town. I loved the excitement of the story and Kit’s sailor friend and the tiny touch of romance. 

Gina - a book of letters
Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn
As letters fell off a sign in the town, the people of the island community of Nollap are commanded to not use that letter. As this novel in letters unfolds, fewer and fewer letters of the alphabet can be used to communicate to friend and family. Those who love words will find this book a fun challenge to read. The book is humorous because it feels slightly ridiculous, though there are far deeper themes of survival in a tolitarian government.  

I'd love to hear about the highlights of your February reading!


  1. I've been wanting b to read Gary Miller's book but I never remember it until I see it mentioned.
    Book written by pastor or pastor's wife:
    My Brother's Keeper by Nathan Zook

    Book About Books:
    Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

    Book written by an author whose ethnicity is different than your own:
    Turtle Heart by Lucinda J. Kissinger

    Graphic Novel and Book from a series:
    March Book 1 by John Lewis
    Both Fahrenheit 451 and March are books outside by comfort zone but all the books I read I thoroughly enjoyed.
    I will have to check out some of yours and Charity's books sometime.

  2. You read Ella Minnow Pea! I could handle another romp through that one. Wasn't it fun?


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