Tuesday, November 10, 2020

From the White House to the Amish

 I never get tired of hearing how God meets a person and changes their life. 

I just finished reading Katrina Hoover Lee's new book, From the White House to the Amish, that tells of the life of Thomas E. Kirkman. Katrina wrote the story of Kirkman's life as told to her by those who knew him, with fictional details added to flesh out the story. 

Thomas grew up during the Great Depression and saw God answer his mother's prayers. But his mother's illness drove Kirkman away from God and took him far from home, including time spent working at the White House and in the CIA. 

I enjoyed the glimpse of life in the 50's and 60's, including some of the stories I remember my dad telling me such as President Eisenhower's presidency, the Cuban Missle Crisis, and Kennedy's assasination. I've liked books about White House life, such as Upstairs in the White House by J.B. West, and it was a treat to meet West again in this book as Kirkman rubbed shoulders with famous people.

Through an unusual set of events, Kirkman met an Amish man who changed his life. So much of the media surrounding the Amish, from Amish TV shows to Amish romance novels, is negative or confused, and it was refreshing to read a respectful account of sincere Amish.

From the White House to the Amish. gives you a little history along with the story of a man's journey to Christ.

Katrina is offering Home Joys readers 10% off on her website. Use the coupon code Gina10 when you check out. You can also get the ebook version. You can learn more about Katrina on her blog.

I'd love to hear about other books that you have enjoyed that tell of God's work to draw men and women to him.

Katrina gave me a review copy of the book, but the opinions in this review are my own.


  1. Gina I'm reading this book too and I'm loving it. I'm glad you enjoyed it too.😊

  2. Thank you for telling us about this book. I always like to read true to life stories of the Amish and not the fictional accounts. I have several Amish friends and honestly, I'm a bit offended on their behalf by so many of these other accounts.

  3. I've just finished reading this book, too! Now I'm reading it to my children. I really enjoyed it.

    Mary Beth Martin

  4. I read Upstairs in the White House and really enjoyed it.

  5. It sounds very interesting, so I just ordered the book with your discount. :)

  6. Wow! I am visiting from family in PA and just saw this today at Clay Bookstore and thought it looked so interesting. Chris W.

  7. I read this book recently, and was impressed with the amount of research done, which makes it so interesting. Besides the fact that it is so inspiring to read of God drawing Tom to Himself. I gave the 3 copies I bought away already; just a warning, you might need to buy more than one!


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