Thursday, October 1, 2020

A Glimpse of September

Sunset in a field of goldenrod

 I didn't intend to take a blogging break but the life was busy for a few weeks, and then it felt hard to get started again. I've been having a lot of trouble with spam in the comments, so I had shut off all the comments. Thanks to those who emailed me to ask how we were doing. I'll be turning the comments on again.

Here is a glimpse of our last month.

On Labor Day, we traveled north to Lake Erie to vacation with two of my brothers. Our rental house was within biking distance of Presque Isle.

The children were excited about playing in the waves with cousins.

Some of the week was cold and rainy, but we had enough sunshine get sunburnt.

Singing together was a highlight, and we learned several songs that week.

Some of us watched the sunrise while drowning worms.

And almost every evening ended with a campfire on the beach.

The advantage of vacationing with other adults is that I could take a solitary bike ride along the bay. Delightful.

The next week found my sister-in-law and I taking to the skies. We flew to Georgia where I was asked to speak at a ladies' seminar. I felt out of my comfort zone, but the ladies were sweet, and we enjoyed the weekend.

Other events in September was the local townfest where my daughter set up her knitted hats.

We finished the rental apartment. Here are some before/after photos.

We had an early frost in September so we brought in the last of the garden harvest. The candy roaster squash went a little crazy, so if you need squash, please stop by.

I am loving this fall weather. And I'm not sure there is any place as lovely as an apple orchard in the fall.

With a bunch of help from family, we picked many bushels for applesauce and cider. I have a few more tomatoes to can, but hopefully I can soon put my canner away for the season. 

I love summer, but I'm looking forward to cooler weather and time for focused school work and neglected housecleaning. October holds several anticipated events with family and friends, and hopefully there will be quiet evenings with a good book and a cup of tea. 


  1. So nice you are back blogging. Greetings all the way from Germany!

  2. So glad your back, missed your posts. I am so grateful you have such a loving family to be with. What a blessing families can be.I to am almost to the end of canning. Enjoy the rest of fall.

  3. It looks like you had a lovely September with many family events. I'm glad you have so much support around, it is such a blessing.
    You do indeed have a LOT of squash! We sold our house in July and my garden went with it. It does seem odd not to be canning and freezing produce.

  4. I am glad you are back to blogging. I have been thinking about your family.

  5. Looks like your summer's end was very busy! I have to agree that one of the best places to be in the fall is an apple orchard. We have two local orchards and frequent them often. Have a good weekend!

  6. What a great September and I'm happy you are blogging again! I would love to get squash from you but I'm in AZ and we were "gifted" with three large zucchini that I have to come up with creative ways of cooking it other than steamed or sauteed. Enjoy your October!

    1. Grill your zucchini! A little oil, salt, pepper, and it is so tasty!

    2. Thank you EmilySue. I will have to try that.😊
      I think our fire restrictions have been lifted now.

  7. Glad your back to blogging! I missed your posts, but figured you were busy and looks like I was right. :) Best wishes for a lovely October!
    - Mary Beth Martin

  8. What beautiful photos! Fall is my favorite time of year. So glad you and your family are doing well and participating in so many stretching, fun, and worthwhile projects.

  9. I am so glad you are back. I have used some of your recipes over the summer and enjoy them- especially the "Calico Squash" and sour dough bread. I live in GA and wish I could have met you. I copied your list of Scripture to memorize and admire your family greatly for tackling this much. You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your life. Mary Ann Cauthen

  10. Ah, Gina, I love that you got the solitary bike ride! And my friend Jen also spoke at that retreat! I knew I should have gone! Love you!

  11. I live in Georgia and wish I could have met you in person.
    Such beautiful pictures and days!

  12. Gina, I am pleased you are doing okay. We are in Spring here in Australia so it is warming up. It always amazes me how you ladies over there preserve so much food. It is so different here as we grow vegetables right through winter.

  13. What a beautiful bounty of squash! Wish I lived close enough to stop by for a few, but alas, I’m in the mountains of Wyoming. So glad to see your post today. :)

  14. I'm glad your family is doing well. I've stopped by often and worried something was wrong. Looks like you had a fun September.

  15. It's good to hear from you again! Thanks for writing.

  16. You are amazing! Thank you for sharing those beautiful photographs! Happy Autumn to you and the family.

  17. I am so glad that you are doing well!! I really like how your rental house looks. Nice!! So glad you are all doing well! Missed you!

  18. I decided to check back on my blogspot list. So many I followed have quit. I was glad to see you are still on here! I've admired your blog for a long time and love seeing your productive yet simpler life. Keep writing!


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