Monday, October 28, 2019

Christmas Craft Expo

My girls have been stitching and crocheting the last weeks.

My oldest has made zippered pouches of various sizes.

My ten-year-old has been crocheting cell-phone purses.

Other ladies have been painting, baking, crafting, and sewing. They are making soap, binding journals, pouring candles, and shaping pottery.

The anticipation is rising for the Christmas Craft Expo to be held, Lord willing, this Friday and Saturday.

We had so much fun last year and if you are a local, make time to stop by this weekend.

You can see all the details and photos of some of the products on the Christmas Craft Expo 2019 Facebook page.


  1. Not sure if Mike and I will attend this weekend or not I'd love to and finally get to meet you face-to-face your daughter's cell phone pouches and stuff and crocheted stuff is so cute I want to buy some LOL

  2. I’m just getting started making soap and always buy different homemade ones at craft fairs and farmers markets.

  3. Oops! I think I accidently deleted my comment by leaving this before I was done typing. Anyway I had mentioned that I can't come because I'm in AZ and your daughter's crochet cell phone purses are so cute. I want one!

  4. The Christmas Expo sounds like a fun event,wish I was local! :) I love your daughters pouches and purses and was wondering if it is possible to purchase some of them? Have a blessed rest of the week.

  5. They did an amazing job. My girls asked what patterns they used for them. They look professional. You can tell they put their love into them.

  6. That is so neat! Wahoo, Girls!!!


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